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Film premieres: what expects us in May?

Fans of cinema constantly ask a question: what new can be seen at movie theater? It is pleasant to foreknow what movies will come out current month not to pass something interesting. So, May prepares for film fans several pleasant surprises.

Fans of a fantasy will be pleased by the movie “Pastor“ telling about the far future. In the come gloomy times the church got the predominating role, however its problem are unclear how the bred vampires. The priest - the single tries to save the niece from paws of artful bloodsuckers. Despite partly crazy scenario, the movie it is worth watching at least from - for excellent special effects. Film fans can enjoy dynamic fights of monks with vampires against gloomy futuristic settlements. Display of the movie at movie theaters begins since May 7.

The movie “The groom for rent“ from Kate Hudson in a leading role for certain will be to the taste to fans of comedies. The plot is simple: two best friends try to divide one guy who at the same time is a groom of one of them. The wedding day comes, and the guy everything cannot decide in on the choice in any way. Girls should invent various tricks to incline a bowl of scales in the party. It would seem, it is banal. However Keith Hudson practically always acts in very successful movies. So, I do not doubt, as in this movie there is the highlight.

Since May 12 one more comedy is released - “I too you love . This Australian movie will tell a story of the unlucky guy trying to return the bride who ran away from it to England. It is helped by the same unlucky friend. Together they constantly are stuck in some troubles. Fortunately, the girl nevertheless comes back to the beloved. And the audience needs only to be glad to such happy combination of circumstances.

Since May 18 at movie theaters display of the next part a fantasy - the adventure movie “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea will begin: on strange coast“ . The captain Jack Sparrow still plows the seas and oceans in search of adventures. This time it should meet the former love - Anjelica who, perhaps, will be even more dangerous, than his immemorial enemies - pirates and mummies. At this movie there are still a lot of admirers though sometimes begins to seem that scriptwriters experience noticeable crisis of ideas. However Johnny Depp is permanently good, as helps the movie to stay afloat. By the way, in operating time over this picture Penelope Crous was pregnant. In especially active scenes it was replaced by the sister incredibly similar to Penelope. Generally, nobody noticed substitutions.

It is also worth noting the thriller which came out at the end of April “Hanna - the deadly weapon“ . Germany, the USA and Great Britain took part in work on this extremely topical movie. The movie telling about destiny of the girl possessing improbable fighting skills bribes the dynamism and carefully worked scenes of fights. Does not concede to it on intensity of the subject line and the thriller “The passion price“ which will come out on May 26. The movie should be watched already because in it magnificent Liv Tyler plays.

Mai will not leave disappointed and fans of animated films. With 26 - go display of the movie “the Shelter - Foo Pangda 2“ will begin . To all the fallen in love nice bear will continue to show to the world the excellent knowledge of east martial arts.

Probably, pandas are now in the increased demand since. at the beginning of May in the Russian hire will appear germano - the Chinese animated film “Courageous big a panda“ . Here pandas try to rescue the native valley from a flood. But most likely, they will not keep and too will show a couple of fighting tricks, not for nothing China is involved in production of the movie.

The program of film premieres of May is rather extensive. Each film fan can find for himself the suitable movie. It is necessary only to wish all pleasant viewing!