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What is “ethnic Orthodoxy“?

“Ethnic Orthodox Christians? You want to tell that the Christian belief can be a nationality sign?! Unless you do not understand that it is absurd?!“ , - and the orthodox priest who arrived for Easter to Russia from far Canada frankly burst out laughing. It was necessary to explain to him that, really, Orthodox Christians in Russia so do not consider at all that they perceive the Orthodoxy as Charisma and do not even think of distinguishing “the Greek from the Jew“.

But “born Orthodox Christians“ many others among which is also to God not trusting consider themselves, and convinced that gold domes are something like the Russian of a national “spiritual nested doll“. In those representations Orthodoxy - something, like immemorial ideology of the “fight for justice“ accepting an appearance servilities, revolt. Some consider even that Jesus “was Russian“, and here for it he and “was crucified by kikes“. However, you never know who what considers, and you never know at us similar strangenesses in someone`s eyes from outside, as well as at any other people.

At the same time it was necessary to mention also that the official orthodox church what the present power recognizes only jurisdiction of the Moscow patriarchy insists on the version of “ethnic Orthodoxy“ more and more consistently. When my interlocutor checked later several publications with speeches of church leaders and officials of this department, a question of the one which of us “fell down from the Moon“, did not arise any more. Because Legoyda`s phrase, for example, that “ according to the available data, in Moscow one operating temple is the share of 40 thousand ethnically orthodox inhabitants “ at first touched the Russian Canadian, then forced to goggle, and then, in process of the judgment read plunged into sad thoughts …

For most of Russians not that to reflect, but also the attention cannot be paid to similar signs of own religiousness at all. Meanwhile, this religiousness continues to be aggravated in the originality. However, idea of Christianity as about the privatized “our belief“ exists so long ago that too nobody especially thinks of an origin of it. As do not think, actually, and that such Orthodoxy which fundamentals, by the way, seldom who is capable to formulate even for himself. As a result “our belief“ and remains something imperceptible, absorbed in itself so incompatible phenomena as “the church dissident“ 14 - go centuries Sergey of Radonezh, fastidiousness to gentiles, hostility to Christians of other faiths, “sanctity“ of the marshal Zhukov with Grigory Rasputin. And at the same time and spiritual firmness of the new martyrs exterminated by totalitarian regime whose name is used for the benefit of a revenge to the totalitarianism which killed them today.

It is clear, that in it to find traces of Christianity it is problematic. If to look for here signs of “inquisition“, “symphony“, national “myth“, “complex“ or “chauvinism“ - yes, as much as necessary. But there is no Christianity. As, by the way, there is also no paganism on which, having of it extremely vulgar idea, official tserkovno - the state clericalism writes off emergence of many problems.

Having rummaged in encyclopedic formulations, any is not enough - malsk the expert supporter of ideological clericalisation could be convinced that even at his justifications of his own correctness there is an absurdity. Recognizing exclusiveness of Orthodoxy as only to speak to the right apostolic tradition resulting from Christ about any “ethnicity“ of such religion - means, to deny an essence of Christianity. The essence of the evangelical doctrine offered by everyone and everything does not recognize any borders and does not demand any artificial forms.

The Vety relation and really history can consider Christianity at the moment as the phenomenon unique: only this doctrine - unlike others, Abrahamic and from church doctrines, - showed ability to assimilate with any cultures, from antiquity Afro-Christianities to up-to-date esoteric NRD. On this background attempt of any faith relating to Christianity to privatize “all completeness of Truth“ in borders of the traditional form looks ridiculously. It is clear, that distribution of such borders on all world around represents still big illusion … Bringing down of one of the clearest world religions to backward ideology for the benefit of momentary political convenience religious people sometimes call

a crime against God - “blasphemy“, or “abuse“. But does not turn to call language a crime what from the same religious point of view looks madness, and from outside - nonsense. Once you look at clericalisation with Christ`s granting for service of needs of the Caesar in such foreshortening, a lot of things are placed in places.

First of all, there is clear a reason of intellectual and moral degradation of a certain part of our public which degree continues to be aggravated. At the same time there is no special difference as people imagine that the Highest with which you should not joke - the Lord or the Highest Expediency. Because, first of all, It equally effectively deprives of reason of those who break a certain line.

Not less clear is also an emergence of new risks in all other spheres of our life. The infection of madness extends not selectively, and the illness affects representatives of all social groups. From here also the “scientists“ seriously saying that they “groped God“, or the state thinkers who are sincerely convinced of panacea of “The Russian world“ similar to a former Reich undertake. From here it “is“ also the pseudo-believers dying in the last ditch on hatred positions to all “not orthodox“ or not infected still with obsession of clericalisation.

When the priest executed whether just anger, whether hardware slyness urges the people to destroy monuments to Lenin, emphasizing the hostility to unfortunate with Christian - the points of view to the Bolshevist leader, it is possible to explain it. And it is possible even to justify - political need, inert fear of a hostile symbol, a mental disorder or something else. But there is no Christianity or even banal wisdom of life experience in it, of course. The impression is made that under gray hairs or status regalia of similar «of spiritual leaders“ disappear the hysterical teenagers tormented with problems of unsatisfied ambitions of the period of prolonged puberty.

But what can bring people to such frenzy when barefaced hatred to something is sincerely felt by them one of manifestations of advantage? At the same time it is absolutely identical at other “believers“ - to Lenin, to gentiles, to inoplemennik or sexual minorities. People sincerely do not notice that thus they are brought to more global hatred which objects not for the first time can be whole nations and the states.

In the middle of the last century similarly those whose sick mind relied on own class or national exclusiveness already lost the head. Today for it the new basis - idea of ethnic pseudo-Orthodoxy is offered.