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How to get rid of a double chin?

So, you already begin to notice signs of gradual aging: a roundish tummy, excess weight and still this swelling directly behind a chin which looks absolutely unattractively? It and is called “a double chin“. And to get rid of a similar shortcoming not so easily!

The reasons of emergence of a double chin are covered in genetic predisposition, weakness of facial muscles and excess calories. Over time and skin stops being elastic. Generally, not the brightest prospects. However there are several ways of disposal of a double chin which not only it is possible, but also it is necessary to try.

In - the first if you want to take away a double chin, you need to monitor the food. Possibly, scrupulous calculation and the weighing eaten and drunk just is also the most effective weapon in this fight. Scientists proved that processing of calories ages an organism most of all! From there is conclusion: the your organism, the less fatty deposits is forced to process less calories you will find in yourself on a face and in other, not less noticeable, places!

In - the second to get rid of something superfluous, it is necessary to make certain efforts. Literally this word. Various physical exercises will help you to get rid of a double chin. Various! You should not go in cycles, for example, in training of muscles of a neck. Reasonable sports loading will become your strong ally in fight for beauty and health. Our council - as soon as possible go to a gym and start to aerobic (run, the stepper, the exercise bike) or anaerobic (work with burdenings) to exercises. The earlier you will begin, the better!

A correct posture - one more way of reduction of a double chin. You sit exactly and try to hold a chin slightly raised during the working day. In case of need adjust height of the monitor of your computer. Excessively relaxing maxillary muscles (moreover and slightly opening a mouth during electronic correspondence and communication on social networks), you allow fatty deposits to crowd in this place. Besides, skin becomes lower than a chin of flabby. If you carry out the most part of day not in a sitting position, and standing or moving, then watch a bearing. Choose the most comfortable for you position of a neck at which the fatigue of cervical muscles will not be felt. Having straightened a back and having pulled in a stomach, you create a basis for an ideal bearing which consequence the correct position of the head and neck will be. And to look you will be more attractive and more self-assured.

Unexpected turn! Chewing gum without sugar will help not only with hygiene of an oral cavity, but also with fight against a double chin. Work of maxillary and facial muscles - a key to success in this case. Only this is not about a chewing of burgers or stakes here!

As transition from the theory to practice it is possible to recommend exercise for strengthening of maxillary and facial muscles.

Open the mouth more widely, cover with a lower lip the lower teeth as it is possible further. In other words, get a lower lip as it is possible further for the lower teeth. Now move a jaw up and down as if you - the fish swallowing of a forage. This exercise is called “shovel“ (difficultly to understand why “shovel“, but is the fact). Perhaps, you look not absolutely usually, carrying out it, but the result, as they say, will be on a face!

Or, maybe, you want to go to the plastic surgeon?