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Push-ups? All ingenious - is simple!

Ya will not be mistaken if I tell that push-ups are one of the most popular elements of the training, regardless of the level of preparation, experience and the purposes training. Once having looked on the sickly constitution in a mirror owing to what having wanted to get more - less expressive relief, you are full of enthusiasm and want to get immediately to work on change of favourite. Gym? - Rather early … And it is a shame … The inflated men who are cheerfully roaring with iron for certain will make a fun! Then horizontal bar! - Perhaps … But if to remember himself as the worm coiling on a crossbeam at whom the games-master looks with grief, and schoolmates - with regret … Too not!

Push-ups!!! Here it!!! It is not necessary to go anywhere. Floor available. It was necessary only to accept an emphasis lying and …

a Minute later, having recovered the breath, you look at the reddened reflection in a mirror and with pleasure you feel easy muscular fatigue. Quite the cheese! There we go!

Familiar history? Actually this exercise is capable to bring invaluable benefit. Even it is possible to call them “a press lying on the contrary“. Many muscles as it is multiarticulate participate in this exercise, but major roles are played by only two - pectoral muscles and tricepses. If, having read it, you decide that this exercise is not suitable for your bicepses or deltoid muscles, do not hurry to stop reading. You will find everything that it is necessary for you!

The matter is that indirectly in this exercise muscles of forearms, forward deltas, back bottom muscles, small muscles of a brush, a muscle of a press and quadriceps work. That is, practically all muscles of a body are involved in this exercise! Let and statically. So push-ups have magnificent metabolic effect, influencing all organism.

Opinion that use push-ups only when the bar or dumbbells are inaccessible, incorrectly. Carrying out a press of a bar lying, it is impossible to load all fibers of pectoral muscles. The matter is that these fibers fan from a clavicle. Respectively, any exercise loads only those fibers that coincide with a loading vector. Here, where to the forefront there are push-ups! It is only enough to place hands slightly more widely or to reduce already, to take away forward or to displace back, is closer to a belt, and you will work any area of pectoral muscles! I sweep aside comments of skilled “musclemen“ that work with body weight is not serious indignantly! Use push-ups at the end of the complex and “kill“ the muscles before full “refusal“. By the way, many pros successfully use this useful focus!

is more detailed Now.

Look: the easiest kind of push-ups is the option “the head up“, that is with an emphasis of palms in a bench or other sublime surface.

Features: Loading is displaced to the lower part of chest. At the same time the decent part of body weight is “taken away“ on themselves by legs owing to what this type of exercises and is considered the easiest.

Equipment: Rest hands against the region of a bench slightly more widely than shoulders. Bend hands and fall to an easy contact with a breast of edge of a support. Powerfully squeeze out body weight up, gradually straightening hands.

Look: Push-ups “from knees“.

Features: Have approximately the same complexity, as well as the previous option. It is possible to resort to them when you already reached “refusal“ in other type of push-ups, most often - in traditional finally “to finish“ chest.

Equipment: Accept an emphasis lying on straight arms. Under knees enclose a gymnastic rug. The back should be held a straight line. Lower the case to a floor. With a force squeeze out in a starting position.

Look: Traditional push-ups. The most widespread and popular version.

Features: Study of average area of pectoral muscles. The top and a bottom of a breast, and also tricepses and deltas work to a lesser extent. All muscles of a back are statically strained.

Equipment: Accept an emphasis lying on straight arms. Hold the head strictly on one line with a backbone. Brushes are placed a little more widely than shoulders. Bending hands, lower yourself in the lower position. Slightly touch by a floor breast. Then squeeze out yourself up to an emphasis, but do not straighten elbows against the stop. Muscles of a press should be kept in suspense and not to allow sagging of a stomach.

Look: Push-ups with narrow statement of hands.

Features: Study of internal area of pectoral muscles + load of tricepses.

Equipment: Adopt the provision of an emphasis lying on straight arms, having placed brushes so that big and forefingers touched each other. Slowly fall to the lower position. Then strong effort squeeze out the case up.

Look: Push-ups “head down“.

Features: This exercise is aimed at the top area of chest.

Equipment: Performance same as well as in traditional push-ups. A difference only that a foot have to be located on a bench or other sublime surface. Hands it is necessary to arrange slightly ahead of the line of shoulders for the best balance.

Look: Push-ups with broad statement of hands.

Features: Shift of accent of load of external areas of pectoral muscles. The part is unloaded tricepses. Chest stretch stronger.

Equipment: In an emphasis lying brushes it is necessary to develop outside at an angle 45 degrees not to overload and to injure the muscles rotating a shoulder. Brushes should be placed more widely. Try to fall as low as possible.

Look: Push-ups with jumping up (with cotton).

Features: Being pliometrichesky, this kind of push-ups first of all is aimed at the development of explosive force. Fast and powerful reaction involves bigger amount of muscle fibers in work. It responds a weight gain when performing general exercises with free scales.

Equipment: In a starting position lean brushes against two support 15 - 20 cm high from a floor. Having wrung out up, make a start from support and fall to an emphasis between them. At the same time the distance between brushes has to be corresponding to distance when performing traditional push-ups. Do not land on straight arms! Then bend elbows and lower the case, touch by a floor breast. From the lower situation by explosive effort push out yourself up and again “jump“ on support. Ideally repetition of such exercise should not be divided into phases, that is be carried out without pauses. Having achieved ideal equipment in push-ups with jumping up, it is possible to pass to push-ups with cotton. Push-ups with cotton are carried out without support. From the lower situation by explosive effort push out the case up. In the top situation make cotton palms (the amount of cottons can be increased subsequently). Do not land on straight arms! In both kinds of push-ups it is fraught with injuries of elbows and wrists.

Look: Push-ups by one hand.

Features: This version perfectly develops force of a humeral belt. When performing this type of push-ups also the triceps is perfectly loaded.

Equipment: Adopt the provision for traditional push-ups. Take one leg aside (for example right). Transfer body weight to a heteronymic hand (in this case - left), put another for a back. Having accustomed with balance, begin push-ups. First depth of push-ups can make only 10 - 15 cm. Over time increase depth.

So, push-ups are universal exercise for development of muscles of a humeral belt. With their help as you were already convinced, it is possible to achieve achievement of the various sports purposes. Same wide there is also “target audience“ of this exercise: from neophytes to the pro!