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How to furnish the small one-room apartment for delivery it for rent?

Leased housing for the person are not his home, but that place where there is a wish to feel the most available to the financial opportunities comfort. There passed those times when people quickly removed anything though demand for apartments “not all that well“ was, is and will be always. But there is one but. If it is correct to make everything, even old “five-storey apartment block“ or small “gostinka“ can quickly pay back costs of creation of the maximum cosiness, it is only worth belonging to everything with enthusiasm. And money you receive much more for it. To receive the maximum sum for the apartment and at the same time to be enclosed in a minimum of expenses, let`s understand what to consider.

Usually in the one-room apartment of old housing stock not so there is a lot of area for creativity. But here everything is extremely clear - a minimum of furniture and its maximum functionality. If it is about berths, then there is no option better, than a sofa bed, folding upholstered furniture. The sofa bed is a hit of sales of the furniture market, they are sometimes completed with quite normal mattress. You remember - here better not to save as at cheap models service life is doubtful, and tenants of housing not always care for others capital investments.

Here it is quite obvious that it is necessary to approach the choice of sleeping furniture with the maximum attentiveness and fault-finding. You watch at quality of finishing, folding mechanisms, up to the visual analysis of quality of seams as brackets accurately fasten. It will tell you about how producers treated production and selection of materials.

If you do purchase on the Internet - explain to the manager that wear resistance and quality of the folding mechanism is extremely important for you and if there are doubts in them, you will return goods. The normal manager always wants to earn and will try to pick up an optimal variant, being guided by reputation of producers. And here return of goods for the Internet - shop is as in the people it is told, “hemorrhoids“, it is necessary and to take away it the transport, and to return money and to bring back to the producer... Just place emphasis that in case of deceptive data on quality of goods you by all means will return it, but you quite normal, adequate buyer in search of durable furniture.

Further it is necessary to take care of the choice of furniture for a hall. Here it is important to reconsider a set of options and to choose that which will be the most capacious will not create at the same time in feeling of shortage of the place. Do not forget that the chair - in order that it was convenient to people to put shoes on, is small, but powerful plus. Girls, girls and women always pay attention to existence of a mirror - the second small, but powerful plus. If your rug the door awful and gryaznenky, has a big risk from the very beginning to make the corresponding impression about the apartment. It is a trifle, but trifles quite painfully beat your reputation as the owner with whom the tenant should deal. Not without reason realtors write about the apartment “pure“, “accurate“, knowing that they will pay attention to these accents.

We go to kitchen further. Well here, of course, not to do without costs of furniture and equipment, but presently there is no special deficiency normal the house-keeper - options. You will just consult at least with three specialists of furniture salons or the Internet - shops and you will understand what producer it is better to choose and what financial expenses you are expected. Practically each tenant needs a microwave, an electric kettle and t of. But there is one but. All this is often transported from the apartment to the apartment and already is available at the tenant. Do not buy all equipment at once, suggest people to complete housing for that sum on which you counted, but under the tenant.

We do not forget about small pluses - nice blinds (colorful works of art in the spirit of “sovok“ interiors of apartments of times of the USSR - not the best option, send them to a ballot box). Florets which you so love are often excess loading to the tenant. Especially if to present him with a fait accompli is here to you flowers, and it is necessary to look after them. Think, maybe, it is worth transporting them from the apartment or not to buy if they are absent. No, so not. Or buy something from the category “once a week watered and forgot“. In kitchen there have to be stools, a table, regiments, a normal sink. Even if the person does not prepare, such things anyway are important for him.

And now we will return to the room. That it to buy with a mark “it is universal for all tenants“? It is a case, a chair, a chair, a little table, curbstones, the space for the TV (if he ancient and antiquarian - is better to specify whether it is necessary to leave it, not all want to see in the apartment similar rarities). Remember that emptiness and lack of a cosiness is the main reason that the tenant “should think“. If you bought nothing yet or throw out old furniture, a modernist style - a key to success.

The furniture in modernist style always attracts potential tenants with money, it is style of the future and present. It can be found from a chipboard that is much cheaper, than a natural tree. The furniture from MDF is more expensive, but more iznosoustoychiv. Direct forms, simple design is that there will be actually long time. If you have a furniture and excess expenses are not planned, then do not forget about feeling of a cosiness, home: not the terrible picture on a wall which will be is pleasant to all, and not just you (but it is possible to do also without this detail), a coffee table, some minimum unpretentious decor, a torsherchik or additional illuminants, normal curtains, a normal type of windows (paint old wooden frames, it takes not much time). And here metalplastic windows are one of the main pluses presently, all tenants pay attention to windows. Old windows are a draft, it is noise from the street, it is simply ugly.

Now we go on a balcony. The balcony is a smoking area, reception of a portion of fresh air, romantic conversations, coffee in the mornings. Why not to buy any furniture - a wooden folding little table and stools, rattan furniture (it looks cool, believe, the effect of good impression about the apartment will be instant), a small folding clothes dryer. The rattan costs expensive and the price here directly depends on a situation in customs, it, unlike furniture from a rod, imported.

Be adjusted to think: “I would like to remove such apartment and to give for it such sum of money?“. Create such atmosphere in the apartment that the tenant did not want to do of it a transit point and to constantly look for something cozier.