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“My idol does the world fine!“

What is an idol? What associations? Usually, it is disks in a player, posters on a wall, autographs... But. Precisely, “but“. I have all absolutely on another. I am delighted by the teacher of acting skills - the talented teacher, the beautiful person, the excellent woman - Elena Viktorovna Tymoshenko.

So, Elena Viktorovna is an event manager theater - Impuls studios, the screenwriter, the director, the host of various concert programs of our city. I think, in the Red Beam there will be no viewer who will remain indifferent to performances under the leadership of Tymoshenko. Let`s remember New Year`s performances, and also concerts by holidays. An applause, an applause, shouts “bravo“ - all this is deserved. And before performance... About! Rehearsals nearly till the morning, saturated preparation. Even at such busy schedule and lack of rest there is no wish to leave darling “The palace of creativity of children and youth“. Young actors, are how interested that sometimes their friends ask questions: Whether “Sect there at you?“. Oh no! We have a close-knit family. And mummy we can call our Elena Viktorovna. Yes, did not forget yet, it indeed careful mother for the not less talented daughter. Perhaps, a couple of words about the daughter - Olga. Speak: apple from an apple-tree not far falls, and Olga - the creative person (choreographer), all in mother!

Happen strict teachers, happen - are indifferent to pupils, everyones are. Elena Viktorovna, is how good that sometimes it seems, she not just “teacher“, and the psychologist, even more - the native person! And how many we had to pass together, for us was not and there will be no hindrances! Really, figuratively speaking at it in crap - that to a secret bag hides a heap of councils for all occasions for each of us? Sometimes we are not attentive, but we always remember those people who help us, show the correct way.

It could not care less of autographs, posters, disks! Elena Viktorovna`s smile is expensive to me. This it - my idol. And I... I am a faithful fan.

P. S. Elena Viktorovna, your schoolgirl and the fan asks to forgive for ridiculous situations...

With love

Veronika Makarycheva