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In what beauty of the man?

calculated Female beauty for a long time, counted, spread out on spare parts, measured and recorded. At the same time as the most volume definition of female beauty it is possible to consider presence at object of “easy breath“. This definition as a raccoon dog whom only raccoons also saw: all approximately represent what is it, but nobody tried to weigh or measure.

Men in this question are absolutely in vain deprived of public attention. Am not interested I fans at all to answer with jokes questions of man`s beauty: “Line is slightly better - already the handsome“, or “The man has to be vonyuch, is mighty and hairy“. The main thing or not the main quality of the man beauty, not very well is considered. The man - too the living being can also be as beautiful, and is not present.

To discuss idea that the man is painted first of all by his internal qualities - intelligence, honesty, adherence to principles and so on, me it is not interesting too, they just do the man of separately taken live organism, but not necessarily do it beautiful.

I want to note at once that my opinion on the matter is absolutely subjective though I will not deny also that I gathered some subtleties and nuances from conversations with other women. We among themselves like to discuss men including their external data.

We will begin from above.


the Main indicator of beauty of hair - all of them - have to be present. Not each growing bald man can look beautifully. Exceptions make unless at what the bald head begins to be formed not on a nape, and in front. Then the forehead at them seems to higher that the insight raid gives to the face. The gray hair - another matter, to many men it very much goes.

Some resolve an issue with baldness simply - shave off everything that remained, then it looks as the chosen style, but not as an age problem. But not everyone is able to afford the shaven head, without risking to look at the same time as the criminal. Probably, it depends on intelligence of a look and a shape of a skull. One more contraindication to a sbrivaniye of all hair on the head are fatty folds on a nape. Ugly.

A hair color if it natural, practically does not influence beauty of the man in any way, and a dyed hair at the man will be on conscience of the stylist. Either it is interesting and lovely, or it is awful.

the Forehead

Is good

that it was high and relief, with “thought heavy on a forehead“. But in practice any ugly forehead can be covered with a bang therefore we will pass this part of the face of the man.

of the Eyebrow

is Here what to think of. Eyebrows can have only one function - to draw attention to the man`s eyes. They can be dense and accrete, thin, bushy, with a gray hair or with the shaved sites - it is not important absolutely. Important what is under them. The men knowing how to shade beauty of the person, carefully watch eyebrows. Of course, when “eyebrows are made of moustaches“ as at the unforgettable secretary of CPSU, it is already theater and the farce. But I am sure that manipulations with eyebrows are the only thing that men can really make to strengthen the external beauty without special efforts. The rest - vanity puts.

To what have to draw attention to an eyebrow? Only to eyes.

of an Eye

Is the first point of an obstacle. Beautiful male eyes are valid inside, they as though also let know the smoldering pieces of coal: only give winds, and they will be lit - hatred to enemies or tenderness to darlings, depends on a situation. The form and color of eyes are not so important if in them there is a warmth with a potential to burning. Such eyes will leave impression: they are beautiful.

the Nose

to Men any nose will suit

, except absolutely ridiculous and snub-nosed. Turned-up noses are lovely, and with freckles are lovely and charming, but beauty add also seldom, as well as a bald head.

of Companies

Anything. Do not paint only absolutely thin sponges or the small mouth incapable to accept nothing, except spaghetti as strict sequence. Roughly telling, admissible for the girl “sponges a bow“, for the man - murder of beauty.

the Chin

At men is a fine opportunity to hide a small or sloping chin under a beard. But rather beautifully big, strong, even angular chin looks. Of course, if to be guided on Hollywood stars, especially by that famous governor of “the state of bad luck“, then a chin - the only part of a body who should be trained since childhood. Though, as well as any natural phenomenon, a chin is the most beautiful if it corresponds to the rule of golden mean. Looks a tsirkachestvo “much“, and does not look man`s “a little“.

the Neck

Beauty of a neck for the man is not so important

, as for the woman. Adults, the lived men, opening wrinkles on a neck, only add to themselves beauty. The is more senior, the more wisely, the more beautifully.

of the Hand

the Most important part of a body defining beauty of the man are his hands. Ideally beautiful male hands are such hands, looking at which, it becomes clear that the man them maybe in a mutton horn it is necessary to twist whom, and to caress the kid who filled the cone. Ukhozhennost degree, existence or lack of jewelry on hands do not influence beauty. It as “easy breath“ the woman - either has it, or it is absent.

the Body

Beauty of a male body - size uncertain. High or low, brawny or slender, slender or full, even fat men can look beautifully if to them such constitution goes. The main thing - hair, eyes and hands. The only thing that can spoil a male body is a tsellyulitny beer breast and a tsellyulitny beer stomach. Awfully!

One more invisible, but very important parameter of man`s beauty is directly connected with female psychology. We, women, the zainka big-eared and if it is competent to us to tickle our gentle ears, what we see, to us will not be important any more. Therefore at beautiful, in our opinion men surely has to be correct...

the Voice

If the man has a pleasant voice and “handsome“ to it is able to hang out qualitatively to them macaroni on curious ears, then a rank it is provided. It is characteristic that at the men having beautiful eyes and beautiful hands, the voice happens beautiful too. Probably, these characteristics somehow are among themselves interconnected.

To explain clearly what men I consider as the real handsome, will be useful to give concrete examples.

A.S. Pushkin on a portrait of work of O. A. Kiprensky, Dmitry Hvorostovsky, Al Pacino, Luciano Pavarotti, Denis Matsuyev, Vasily Livanov, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, “Polezhaykin“ from series “Father`s Daughters“, Barack Obama, A.S. Griboyedov, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Stephen Frei, Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Bulat Okudzhava, Jack Nicholson and others, less known to the general public, but very handsome men.