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66 - I am anniversary of the Victory. How we will congratulate veterans how we will look with it in eyes?

inform the News websites that only for 2010 the number of veterans of the Great Patriotic War decreased twice.

And it means that many of them will not wait for the promised apartments, big pensions, good providing with drugs and high-quality medical care. Many veterans do not learn what is worthy life which they deserved as nobody else!

All of us well remember how concerning celebration 65 - y anniversaries of the Victory our President and the Prime minister unanimously declared that all veterans needing improvement of living conditions will receive either the apartment, or material compensation.

And what by the next holiday of the Victory Day we have? Only 16 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation coped with the promises to veterans, in some coped only partially, and very badly the situation is in Tuva, Chelyabinsk region and Kalmykia.

Justifications set: insufficient financing, decrease in rates of capital construction, increase in number of veterans which continue to rise on turn. Yes, nobody argues, a hard time, and our veterans people patient, not indulged and habitual - deceived not for the first time.

Every time, celebrating anniversary, the high administration does not stint words about their feat and about our debt to it, promising one, another. But, as soon as the last salutes abate, safely forgets about told.

And this attitude towards the veterans recognized as those officially and how many those who were missing, were unfairly condemned and still from - for a lack of documents are not rehabilitated? Only enthusiasts deal with such issues, the state plays a passive role here.

It is absolutely clear that need of development of the state comprehensive program on improvement of life of veterans, and, the main thing, acceptances of adequate measures which will be taken in case of non-performance or a deviation from this program ripened. Ripened it is time to repay, at last, a filial debt to the senior generation about which it is very much told from various stands in holidays. It is even not a question of social responsibility, but a question of our decency and conscience.

Of course, we cannot replace with ourselves the state and give to veterans all they deserve, but to raise money for a small food set, bouquet of flowers and card everyone in forces. Here it is not necessary to think out anything original, it is rather simple to spend a little time and warmth to congratulate the grandfather or the veteran who is living in the neighbourhood, or simply passing by the elderly person, all of them are anyway singed by war.

It is even better to organize tea drinking or a concert, to attract some children`s amateur collectives, to prepare good touching verses or songs about war, the benefit of a lack of them does not, and, above all, it is more than words of appreciation and gratitude.

Yes, our veterans listen and see this every year. But be not afraid to be banal and believe, they were not tired of it, and the repertoire such did not bother them, this generation which does not change the habits and addictions, and too are not overfed with warm words therefore how many tell them to them, all the same will be a little. The care does not happen much! Quite good all to remember it the day before 66 - oh anniversaries of the Great victory!

With a holiday, native veterans! we Cost

before you, having kneeled down.

you undertook all pain and wounds,

Yourself from trouble us having covered.

Not for the sake of glory, no, you not such, you the future presented

to us!

of Health to you and happiness, expensive!

Let grandsons will be more careful to you!