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Why women suffer domestic violence?

Eh, all - I will spend a time …

So, “Why women suffer?“ (Igor Kovalenko. Favourites.)

1. Because feel “lameness“ before “Universal mind“. I will try to prove:

The man, unlike the woman, by the nature is more concrete and consecutive. It is possible to tell, is fuller, perhaps … The man is X and Y, the left leg and the right leg, specifically costs and yes not pokolebimish awaking. And the woman is two barefaced X - and... You are “skosobochenny“! Therefore you lack something for entire happiness eternally, do not know what you want, especially if “these eyes opposite“ look insufficiently in love... And “yin“ is painted over in the black color not from a lamp, likely.

All known stereotype: the barchelor den is a disorder, desolation, banks - bottles - socks, any lovely cozy akssesuar. And when the woman comes to it, everything in the moment is formed. In the right leg the vacuum cleaner, in left a rag, in one hand a ladle, in other phone who would doubt... The trick is that it not such and the hostess... Just it should occupy with something itself, otherwise it sduret nafig... And to the man on all this minor crap to a pofig - still, it is already self-sufficient!

But! If the motivation, the Big Purpose in small affairs suddenly appears, he will make everything and it is often much better. Among grant the chief - cooks for some reason is not enough “hostesses“ … The main thing - the purpose, hunting, attack! (By the way, you do not want to listen to its moaning and silent damnations during the compelled joint shopping, give the SPECIFIC goal. “Long green dress, attack!“. At least 10 - 15 minutes you will have a rest, and to it it will not be boring and tiresome … Even 15 minutes!

One more argument - imagine ideal in every respect (intelligence, feelings, appearance, a body) the woman and the same man ideal in every respect. The goddess and God in the flesh! Or even incorporeal “Universal minds“ - who will cause in you more trust? You in general can imagine full-fledged “Universal mind“ that “all from It and all to It“, with female! beginning? I - am not present, excuse …

the Woman - cool piece, I am excited, but it is possible to ESTIMATE it ONLY through the BASIS - the man. How to understand that “it“ is lovelier, more gentle, not more particularly, vzbalmoshny, more unstably, more beautifully, more enticing etc. if there is no basis with which “it“ can be compared? And if there is no basis which actually and will “be enticed“? “Woman“ without “man“ in principle cannot be, then she just by default will be “man“, that`s all...

Respectively when / if “beloved“ begins / continues to drive a demon (owing to the nonsense, impudence, perversity, pathological jealousy - it is unimportant), it does it SPECIFICALLY and CONSISTENTLY as “in general“, and “in details“. “As a real man“, unfortunately, more definitely you will not tell … And women on it are conducted! It such “universal“ how to it to forbid to serchat-? What wants, does, on it and “reason“! Your mother … From there are so much idiots, the covering tyrants of the children, etc. of

2. Are afraid of a beating, and as a result cannot drop out of a role of the victim.

And in vain, nobody, except obvious morons, will beat and/or torment even if helpless, but “growling“ and not looking away “victim“. Just then in it there will be no trick … Absolutely and yours. Can stupidly kill and, but it is already other question.

How to get rid of fear? Personally I know only one way. Yassen a stub, not from simple, differently in what then a problem? Well, it is necessary to spit stupidly on a self-preservation instinct. Really “on life“ or for this concrete moment - it is not important. To forget about itself and about those who for you. As it is paradoxical, then at you / you chances of a positive outcome considerably will increase … If you are ALREADY as if dead, knocked out, beaten, raped, then what to you to be afraid of?

What distinguishes just the boxer from an extreme pancher? Aha, existence of a brain, very ridiculously … The boxer thinks how he will SAFELY approach and it is SAFE to strike, and the pancher thinks HOW he will approach and HOW to STRIKE. He knows that he easily can pass, but to him on … for this reason he more often also wins. And in general, people very uncomfortably feel under a passionless view of the woodcutter estimating, of what party it is more convenient to dump a tree.

3. It is pleasant to them!

Obviously or subconsciously, it is not important. Though is not present, it is important! If “obvious“ can regulate the role-playing games)), then “subconscious“ remove at full scale. But also adrenaline receive nemeryano moreover and doubly. In - the first - when are actually provoked to “the act of punishment“, not known precisely, removed today or “will carry by“. Well, and in - the second - already actually in process when sometimes already and are not glad. I used to know one damned couple of nerazluchnik … Let God pardon!

4. Not to lose the STATUS, or “what will be told in light?“

the TOP - excuses - “where I will go?“, “yes we without it will be gone!“, “to whom I am necessary?“, etc. If to think, then it is possible to go anywhere. Even there will be enough smallest salary on will eat a cheap peasant house without conveniences and I go. Yes, children will go to bomzhikami school, and old acquaintances to gossip for eyes about the poor single. Ah, does not arrange? Not a question, chew further. What? Children, education, bright future? Oh, I beg you … Provide them the light present better. In “a cheap peasant house without conveniences“ and.