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How forever to forget what is laziness?

Happen at you so what the objects are set how to reach them you know, but … for some reason do nothing? Or you decide to begin to do exercises, to go on a diet, to leave off smoking, learn to meet girls, to make business - the plan for opening of the business or still some useful business which can change your life to the best, but day after day you postpone these actions?

You decide to begin new life since Monday … and you postpone to the next Monday … Or you will begin to do conceived, there pass 2 - 3 days - and you cease, having found for yourself “the objective reasons“ …

you absorb information tons from books, articles, the Internet, mailings how to change the life to the best, but do not decide to take real steps …

Everything clearly, but there is no wish to do … Laziness

Give me the lever, and I will shift Earth

B than a problem? Where an exit from this impasse? What is the key moment which is really capable to resolve this problem?

As Archimedes spoke: “Give me the lever, and I will shift Earth“.

Such lever in the situations described above is the motivation , to be exact self-motivation, that is ability “to kick“ - to inspire itself on action.

What is motivation? The motivation is the force motivating to act.

Whip or gingerbread?

two types of motivation Exist: external and internal. What do they differ from each other in? I will show on examples.

Since the childhood many of us heard such phrases: “You will make homework for mathematics - you will go for a walk“, “You will not learn the fable - you will not go to friends“, “You will hand over session - you will go to the sea“, “You will raise sales level - you will get an award“, “You will not hand over the report in time - I will dismiss“. That is the motivation is under construction according to the scheme “incentive-reaction“ where the incentive is certain “carrot“ which the person receives for actions necessary to someone. Or, on the contrary, “kick“ which the person tries to avoid, also making necessary actions.

It is the most widespread type of motivation which it is possible to call external. The person performs work on the external requirement and does not stop it only from - for fear of punishment or expectation of remuneration.

“I live as a toadstool, and to me to fly hunting …“

Will consider other situation. Here the child himself sat down at a table, took paints and began to draw. And it is so keen on this occupation that does not see anything around. By the way, many talented people since the childhood quite so showed the talent: were engaged in activity to which nobody induced them for hours without a break, with enthusiasm and selflessly. It is an example of internal motivation.

How it is shown at the adult? The adult burdened by many “has to“, lost ability to rejoice to trifles like a sunny day or a smile of the stranger, only sometimes can test this state, being engaged in a favourite hobby. Then it feels powerful enthusiasm of motivation, a condition of flight.

Alas, the picture is sad. Few people have strong internal motivation - i.e. self-motivation .

And why it in general is necessary, this self-motivation?!

People at whom a certain type of motivation prevails (internal or external) have different results in life, and in more global scale and different destinies.

What is at the person with internal motivation?

• The business because it does not need “carrots“ and “kicks“ of employers.

• A high income level as the self-motivated person sets to himself the financial purposes and reaches them.

• Bright, interesting life in which it realizes the most courageous dreams.

• Respect of people around which see how the person quickly moves ahead.

• Pleasure and pleasure.

• Vigor, cheerfulness.

• Positive relation to life and people

• Success.

• Life according to the schedule.

• Self-confidence which helps to overcome the difficult moments.

• Is a lot of useful contacts, adherents.

• Freedom.

What is at the person without internal motivation?

• The lack of money, lives from a salary to a salary.

• Problems in the relations with relatives because they wait from it for resolute actions.

• Boredom which it can fill in with alcohol.

• Laziness.

• Discontent with people around.

• A dissatisfaction in life.

• Jamming in the past.

• Routine, routine.

• Fears.

• An infinite circle “work - the house - work“.

• Continuous postponement for later.

• Disbelief in and the opportunities.

Here also it turns out, 2 types of motivation - 2 types of people - 2 destinies .

self-motivated people realize the dreams , really change the life and life of other people to the best.

And whether it is possible to develop the internal motivation somehow?

It is possible for

. For a start it is necessary to deal with reasons of a lack of motivation that is shown as laziness. Why there is no wish to do?

The most common causes:

1. Bad health. The physical state does not allow to work actively.

2. Lack of forces and energy. It can be connected as with bad health, and insufficient psychohygiene. Old offenses, rage on world around, the environment which is not supporting you, reaction to an excessive stress - all this very strongly delays energy.

3. Overfatigue. Perhaps, you had very active period in life before it, you overtired, and the body reacts to your new active plans inertly and is lazy.

4. Not your purpose actually therefore does not motivate on actions. You only think that you want it, but in soul understand that it not yours, or is necessary for people around, or is too energy-intensive. As a result - unwillingness to work.

5. You go about not the own business. What should be done, does not answer your abilities and opportunities, it is not pleasant.

6. Fears and the limiting beliefs. You think “And suddenly it will not turn out?“ or “At me it will not turn out because I am old / it is too young / I have no experience / at me there is no money“, etc. These thoughts will also paralyze activity.

What with all this to do?

can solve Each problem. Begin with understanding what reason of a lack of motivation at you.

1. Lack of energy - release offenses, use technicians of relaxation and opposition to a stress.

2. Overfatigue - give yourself the chance to have a rest, without reproaching for inaction. Fill up energy level, having found occupations or communicating with people who recharge energy.

3. Find the motivating Dream which will force you to rise from a sofa and to run to embody it in reality.

4. Find favourite business which inspires you, in which you completely realize abilities, and you cannot but just do it.

5. Realize the fears, write them on paper to understand whether really they are real, or it no more than illusion. If fears are reasonable, think over the plan how to neutralize obstacles. If independently it is impossible to make, work individually with kouchy.

And then you will forever forget what is laziness . You will become internally motivated person who moves to realization of the Dream forward.