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Whether the next revolution approaches? In Russia

Sometimes in the head foolish thoughts climb. There are minutes when I do not accept the universe. What to tell about a state system, especially as imperfect, as in present Russia here.

That it is not necessary to shake the boat I repeatedly heard the phrase from politicians of the most different orientation. “not to shake appeals sound with 90 - x years. At first I perceived these appeals with surprise: the mission of the politician consists in race for power (the care of the benefit of the people is then) and where fight, inevitably someone will appear on shovels, some Carthage will be destroyed, and something will go to a bottom.

When appeals “not to shake the boat“ became too importunate, I decided to understand. It turned out that adherents of this slogan were successfully built in domestic political system. Even those who registered in opposition surely stay afloat. In fact, all of them sit in this boat and reasonably do not want that it cherpnut a board water. Well, and those losers that appeared out of the boat, let flounder to themselves on health; physical exercises are useful. The main thing that did not approach the boat, it not rubber, number of seats is limited.

The fact that there is not a lot of places at a feeding trough - it is fine. Worse another - there is a wish that not the most worthy then honest, and it was densely surrounded by members of the uniform party of crooks and thieves were allowed to a feeding trough if. Means, will be fed, and will not begin to work for the benefit of the working people. Under such circumstances personally at me the feeling of deep satisfaction does not arise. And from what?

Some nervous situation around. The power in a penny does not put the population of the country. And the population, having clung to screens of TVs, worries about destiny of the Libyan Jamahiriya. As if this Jamahiriya near by at us is, and all our relatives, friends and acquaintances live in it.

And still there is an impression that in the Fatherland soon will impose a tax on life: if you live, pay for it to the native state; it did not kill you, correctly? Here also pay... And we all for the Libyan Jamahiriya worry.

At the same time the Russian political system promptly breaks up. Fans of simple decisions (such, for example, as creation of a power vertical) it is not understood. Our policy - real theater of absurdity. What is costed by only one statement of the speaker of the State Duma United Russia party member Boris Gryzlov: “Parliament - not the place for discussions“ ?! It is impossible to repair present political system. It is impossible to repair the modern car filled with electronics by means of a sledge hammer, and the built power vertical is similar to the primitive tool. In 2012 Medvedev`s elections (or Putin) still will take place. But what will be then?

The built political system has no controls and counterbalances, it is not under control to the Russian society; its main task - to provide inviolability of results of privatization of large state property. There is no political process now, and there are political strategies which are developed in Presidential Administration.

In the country the economy which cannot develop is built. Even at today`s high prices of oil to cover a raskhodybyudzhet, large-scale ruble issue is necessary. Most likely, the press is already started. It is the share of one real ruble five mythical now. Those that are promised by the high-ranking officials on various national projects. And money for modernization, an innovation, on bottomless voyenno - an industrial complex, on the Olympic Games in Sochi, on the FIFA World Cup are still necessary... From where them to take, without starting the press?

The banking system of the country is extremely unstable. According to the experts the Central Bank, outflow of 20% of deposits of individuals will lead to crash of several hundred Russian banks. At the slightest panic the banking system will not resist. Even if our national leader will send the doctor there, the sick banking system will not survive. Previously from the patient it is necessary to drive away shamans and clumsies, and there is no time left any more.

Revolution in the developed extraordinary circumstances requires the trifle. The present mode will not sustain banal falling of price of oil to 50 dollars for barrel.

... It seems that since October 93 - go when Yeltsin`s tanks shot parliament, there passed the whole eternity. Long ago Boris Nikolaevich died, in the White House there is no more parliament, and initiators of its execution convinced surrounding not to shake the boat . However over time any boat decays and leaks. In that case participants of boat cruise it is necessary to put off on the coast: for the sake of their safety and even to choke no wonder. To send the unreliable boat to junk; to try to build an ark.