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You want to grow thin? Protect health! Once again having looked at

on itself in a mirror in the morning, you found out that you gathered several extra kilos. Mood the self-assessment sharply deteriorated, decreased, and you made the firm decision to change a situation in the shortest possible time.

How it is possible to grow thin without harm for health?

I Suggest to consider at first factors which can do harm to your organism except desirable result.

Medicines and food additives with unfamiliar (or unknown structure) and, respectively, pharmacological action can do to your health irreparable harm. Many of them contain diuretic and hormonal preparations which give fast effect, but it is improbable that they will help you to grow thin without undesirable consequences. Application of hormonal preparations without research of the hormonal status can lead to serious shifts in an organism, besides, regulation of hormones is carried out by the principle of feedback therefore intake of hormones from the outside reduces synthesis own. Diuretic preparations remove liquid and the ions, major for an organism, To, Na, Ca, Mg, etc., breaking normal work warmly - vascular, nervous, digestive systems. Dehydration leads to a blood condensation, formation of blood clots, “stones“ in kidneys and a gall bladder and so forth

Diets. Some of them suggest to exclude nutrients necessary for an organism from a diet that can lead to serious consequences. Besides, they can include excess quantity of the certain products exerting undesirable impact. For example, a citrus, having acidic environment, at a certain predisposition can provoke gastritis or an urolithic illness.

Physical activity the excessive, not considering your specific features and diseases which are available for you, can lead to their aggravation and in certain cases emergence. About it there is a popular expression: “run behind a heart attack“.

What to do? How to choose the correct way?

For a start needs to exclude endocrine diseases and neurosises, having addressed for consultation the expert. Change of weight can be the first displays of any disease.

the Balanced balanced diet which is picked up taking into account a condition of your organism, physical and psychoemotional activity. The preference is given to the food rich with vegetable cellulose. Except fresh vegetables and fruit it is worth mentioning about porridges from grain of a rough grinding, not refined grain, wholegrain. Meat is recommended boiled or stewed low-fat grades. The use of digestible carbohydrates should be limited. Much more effectively constantly to adhere to a certain food mode and food behavior, than to arrange to an organism a stress in the form of various and not always reasonable diets.

Observance of a work-rest schedule, an exception of intellectual and emotional overloads is an important factor of keeping fit of a body as it should be. a Certain effect gives to

application of preparations of group of enterosorbents - followers of absorbent carbon. But, as well as for any medicine, control of the doctor, care and accuracy is necessary.

From physical exercises are safest moderate walking in the fresh air and swimming. More serious physical activities should be given to an organism after consultation with the expert whose knowledge and experience will allow to consider all your nuances.

Main in this case is a persistence, patience, permanent job over itself and unconditional belief in result. In most cases keys to success are in your hands.