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How a usual congratulation to make original and interesting?

Passed those times when everyone thought out all ideas of congratulations. Today it is possible to find everything in the Internet: ready scenarios, congratulations on different holidays - solemn or comic, games, draws, parodies, fancy-dress numbers. Besides, the services sector on the organization and holding various celebrations is presented in any settlement for every taste and a purse.

And all - the best gift - that which is made with own hands it concerns also the organization of a holiday. It is much more interesting if the congratulation is thought up not in general, and individually under the hero of the occasion, not a concert of professionals, and an opportunity to see colleagues or friends in a new light. It both touches, and amuses absolutely in a different way. The most optimal variant - combined i.e. to invite professionals for carrying out the main program (it is desirable to take an interest previously in the scenario that then there were no unpleasant surprises) and to prepare several congratulatory numbers from itself. the Changed songs

They are handed over or downloaded by

from the Internet. For example, the song to anniversary, quite sound and on familiar motive, but many including the hero of the occasion, perhaps, already it was heard therefore it is better to recover the song a little.

For example, it is previously possible to hold at a table the game “Box with a Surprise“, much the acquaintance too. In a box there are most different ridiculous objects: wigs, masks, caps, noses, gas mask, points, etc. Music sounds, the box is transferred from one to another on whom music stopped, that without looking gets a subject from a box and puts on itself. Again music, a box is transferred - and so until objects come to an end. Then the dressed-up “lucky“ leave and sing the prepared anniversary song.

Two familiar ideas unite in one here. Also believe, the impression and pleasure from a congratulatory song will be absolutely others!

the Congratulation in verses

Ready verses or own composition - the most traditional sign of attention. At ready poetic congratulations the main trouble that they are too well familiar, at verses of own composition, as a rule, the fact that they are very long. Own verses - it is very touching or cheerful, here it is important to observe a measure and not to tighten. With ready verses there is a risk in general to repeat with somebody. Therefore if by all means you want to read a congratulation, it is better to think - as.

Perhaps, to make it on behalf of some hero or to add the game moment: for example, to tell that warm words was told much it is time to prove the love to the hero of the occasion business. Here set of options: to get from - for bosoms “heart“ (paper, toy, all the same) and to hand solemnly to the hero of the anniversary, to get “star“ from the sky (in advance to fix above a ball in the form of a star and to pull a thread). Or right there to carry out anniversary forfeits: everyone extends a task on what he is ready (to kiss a hand for the sake of the hero of the anniversary, to kneel down, sing a chastushka etc.) what right there it does.

Nothing new, but is a little creativity - and the congratulation will play absolutely new paints.

Fancy-dress congratulations

Is most often a highlight of evening, the most high point. The Internet and here to our services offers a set of options. It is good to include numbers where the hero of the occasion will be able to take part, for example, to crown him. The most favourite are congratulations from guests of various nationalities: sultans, the Chukchi, the Japanese geishas, etc. as

In - the first, it is important to work a little over the text and to bring in it something individual. And in - the second, the fancy-dress congratulation therefore and is called that for it suits are necessary. Here it is better not to be too lazy and it is obligatory to get, sew or rent suits, the effect of number is worth it. The Chukchi, of course, has to leave with a deer (by the way, then it is possible to award a prize for the best impersonation of the second plan - back part of a deer), and under the song “I Will Take Away You to the Tundra“ let the sultan will leave with concubines or numerous wives (always more ridiculously if in these roles of the man).

The more guests will take part in fancy-dress numbers, the more interestingly and more cheerfully.

Musical congratulations

is not obligatory to change words of songs At all or to sing, sometimes it is enough to prepare variety suits and couple of wigs, to download songs or several songs (it is better not completely not to tighten number) and to present to guests or the hero of the occasion a gift - congratulations from the invited show stars - business: Serdyuchki, Philip Kirkorov, Allegrova or Pugacheva, someone well known. A little more troublesome, but it will also be more effective if in advance to make a certain history of fragments of songs, to write down everything non - stop and to beat.

It is also possible “to invite“ circus performers, for this purpose it is enough to prepare suits more ridiculously: clown, conjurer, juggler, gymnast, trainer and his pets, etc. To download the song “We Are Vagrant Actors“, and just to everyone under the song to play the role: to the conjurer as if to conjure, it is possible to attract the birthday man, the gymnast let does exercise with a tape or a hoop (the man is better) etc. It is not obligatory to rehearse it, there is enough desire to amuse others and good mood.

Too it is better to beat delivery of gifts. It is a little efforts and imagination - and any holiday will become an event which with pleasure all attendees will remember. It is especially pleasant if that the holiday turned out - there is also your merit!