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How to choose bathroom equipment? Several useful tips of

According to recently carried out calculations, became clear that faulty sanitarno - the technical equipment in a day can lead about one thousand liters of water to loss! To avoid similar irrational expenditure, it is necessary to be able to choose qualitative bathroom equipment. Let`s try to understand all subtleties of this question.

In the modern market of bathroom equipment superiority remains behind such countries - producers as France, Germany and Italy, but also the Russian producers tightened quality of the production recently. As sanitarno - technical products are issued them generally limited color palette, at the choice of bathroom equipment it is possible to combine safely among themselves production of different firms, and she will perfectly fit into an interior of your bathroom.

Modern sinks of foreign production are almost always equipped with the special device which warns a water modulation: excess water follows directly in a siphon. Our domestic siphons are not suitable for such sinks, this moment should be considered at the choice of bathroom equipment.

Choosing a toilet bowl, it is necessary to pay attention not only to design and its internal device, but also to technical characteristics of a product. The good toilet bowl has to maintain pressure of water of 1 - 8 bars, otherwise it can just not approach our system of water supply and quickly deteriorate.

At the choice of a toilet bowl it is necessary to pay attention to in what look the goods are on sale: in unassembled form or factory assembly. Upon purchase of a toilet bowl in unassembled form it will be easier for you to transport it, but it is necessary to consider that there is a probability that the toilet bowl collected independently or employees of shop, will not work rather well as there is a probability of its wrong assembly. Therefore the second option is more preferable as factory assembly guarantees that the toilet bowl passed all put tests and is built correctly, it is more reliable during operation and will not give you unpleasant surprises.

At the choice of new bathroom equipment it is necessary to pay attention and to its external covering. Now the bathroom equipment with two types of a covering is issued: sanfayans and sanfarfor. Sanfarfor is more modern type of a covering. It has bigger hardness, more smooth and less porous. Respectively, the sanfarfor absorbs in itself moisture less and on it remains to the eaten dirt less. Besides, the sanfarfor bears stronger blows and just looks better, than sanfayans. However bathroom equipment with such covering and more expensive.

If you decided to replace bathroom equipment, then it is worth thinking also of replacement of pipes of systems of water supply and the sewerage. Application of metalplastic pipes is the most rational. Such pipes perfectly are suitable for our systems of water supply and the sewerage. They have high operational term - about 40 - 50 years, and combine all advantages and advantages and plastic, and metal pipes: flexibility, reliability and anticorrosive properties.

I hope that this article will help you with the choice of bathroom equipment and you will be satisfied with acquisition.