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Whether it is favorable to be the donor?

In spite of the fact that the word “donor“ came from Latin “donare“ that means - a gift or a donation, gratuitous donorship not in honor today. Almost nobody wants to give blood “for nothing“. But whether it is possible to call donorship an income source? You judge.

On the Moscow quotations approved by the relevant orders of medical chiefs of Moscow, 100 milliliters of blood cost 108 rubles. In other cities the sum and that is less.

Single “blood donation“ (there is such term, it appears), is no more than 450 milliliters of blood. Plus 20 ml necessary for carrying out the analysis. In total it turns out for 507 rubles 60 kopeks. Not God knows, what sum, especially if to consider that from men will not take blood more often than five times in a year, and from women - four, differently can suffer health.

Before taking a blood test, it is required to pass medical inspection. It is known that absolutely healthy people presently rarity. Therefore if the owner of iron health suddenly appears at station of blood transfusion, its data will surely enter in the database “just in case“. Be sure, the case will surely turn up, and will surely ask the donor for the help.

If it is useful not to neglect medical recommendations, to be a donor for health. The organism adapts to krovodacha, developing special, donor antibodies. The ordinary person after loss of halfliter of blood is restored about a month. The donor - twice quicker.

To become “The honourable donor of Russia“, it is necessary to take a blood test of 40 times. Then will issue the certificate and a badge. Provide to honourable donors 50% a discount for drugs and free of charge fit a prosthesis teeth. There are also other privileges, but it should be taken into account that since 2005 at representation on a rank are considered only free blood donation.

Tell that in Soviet period of donors after each giving blood drove in restaurant and gave two days of days off. Days off, in compliance with the Labour code of the Russian Federation, employers have to provide and today, but in restaurant drive nobody any more. But pay monetary compensation on additional food of 500 rubles.

Donor blood through a dropper gets to disposable packages. In exchange physical solution through the same dropper joins an organism. More modern method - a plasma exchange when take away not all blood from the person as earlier, and only one of fractions - plasma.

All process, except introduction of a needle to a vein, is automated. The device takes away necessary amount of blood, divides it into erythrocytes and plasma. Plasma is packed in packages, and erythrocytes come back to the donor. Will pay the Moscow donor 1176 rubles for 600 ml of plasma.

In modern medicine almost do not transfuse blood in pure form. Use either erythrocytes, or plasma. The last is poured to all, it is required to whom without distinction on blood types. Erythrocytes - opposite, are subdivided into groups. When using erythrocytes can be diluted not with plasma, but physical solution, what is much cheaper.

As Moscow daily is required to such city 180 liters of plasma and 100 liters of erythroweight. Without donors in any way how many paid them …