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The new recipe of longevity is found! You want to use?

the Book “Project of Longevity“ in which results of almost centenary inspection 1,5 thousand Americans are published starting with them 10 - summer age and till an old age, became an event not only among psychologists of the whole world, it turned our habitual views of recipes of long and healthy life.

Recommendations which sound from pages of a set of books on popular psychology and periodicals, from screens of television and on various trainings on improvement of quality of life, unanimously inspire in us ideas that the positive relation to life, optimism, cheerfulness, rest and travel promote increase in life expectancy of the person. And so, results of research which carried out several generations of scientists of the Californian university were subjected to the careful analysis and processing on the most modern technologies and completely disprove it. whether

is Promoted by cheerful nature to extension of life?

On processing and recheck of results at Friedman and Martin several years, conclusions to which they came left - stunned even scientists. For example, reduce life the following traits of character and behavior models :

- the carefree and easy relation to life as it extends also to flippant attitude the health;

- the increased social activity and excessive sociability which can lead to negative influence, harmful hobbies and abuse of alcohol, smoking, etc.;

- excessively optimistic relation to life and cheerfulness lead to an inadequate assessment of dangerous situations.

And what waits for the conscientious slogger?

we Will look at

that, according to scientists, promotes increase in duration of our life .

Conscientiousness , this trait of character reduces uneasiness and uncertainty in itself in the childhood and allows to feel quiet and durable at mature age. Conscientiousness and organization promote the reasonable relation to life situations, own health and forming of the harmonious relations with surrounding people and the world. Most often conscientious people have strong families, loyal friends and the equal relations with fellow workers. Still such manifestations, useful to longevity, as are characteristic of them:

- aspiration to a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits and association with adherents;

- physical and intellectual activity till the old age;

- the benevolent relation to the world and people, readiness to come not the help.

Thus, authors draw a conclusion that most longer there live people with the counterbalanced and weighed relation to life. Especially surprised that results of inspection refer people with “bad“ character to category of long-livers: economical, tiresome and excessively accurate. It is explained by that, as of the health and own personality they make thrifty use also, as well as of all surrounding.

Some more conclusions

Here some more interesting conclusions to which researchers came:

1. Life expectancy of children from the divorced families is 5 years shorter, than at those who grew up in a full family.

2. Stay in marriage (or not) is not reflected in life expectancy of women in any way, and married men live longer single, eternal bachelors - longer than those who several times married.

3. People who there is a lot of and with enthusiasm worked, surpass in life expectancy of those who tried to protect themselves and to have a rest more.

4. An early growing of children (premature receipt in school, etc.) reduces them life, and “the normal childhood“: - extends joint games with parents and peers.

5. Much more useful to extension of life to help others, than to seek for creation of the atmosphere of own honoring and care.

Also authors of the book emphasize that quality and duration of our life can be predicted easily on personal qualities of the person literally since the childhood. And the recipe of longevity consists in the harmonious and reasonable attitude towards itself, to the world and surrounding people, and following to certain diets, to system of physical exercises and other has to follow from this, but not become end in itself!

Wants to emphasize that conclusions of the American scientists concern life expectancy that, in my opinion, not so same with quality of life and with pleasure from it!