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How to prepare the apartment for repair?

Need of performance of repair arise at each owner of the apartment or the house sooner or later. In this article we will consider a question of necessary preparation of the apartment for repair.

First of all, it is necessary to decide on a scope of work, and also the term which you have to keep within when performing repair. Best of all on paper to plan necessary types of works and approximately to estimate a preliminary total cost of repair.

Repair in the apartment can be carried out in strictly certain sequence. First of all carry out replacement of window blocks and if it is necessary, then interroom partitions are established. Then repair of engineering communications and electric networks becomes: repair of system of heating, replacement of water pipes, cranes, siphons, replacement of conducting, sockets and switches etc. The most laborious and volume stage of repair is performance of finishing works. Finishing works make the most part of estimated cost of apartment renovation therefore it is worth approaching a question of the choice of workers who will carry out finishing of the apartment and construction materials which will be applied to performance of finishing works responsibly.

The owner of the apartment needs to know that enters finishing works. It, first of all alignment of a surface, putting hard putty and plaster, paintings, facing works, laying of a tile and other floor coverings, sticker of wall-paper.

At the choice of materials for apartment renovation it is necessary to consider the next moments:

For repair of surfaces with the concrete basis it is necessary to use cement or complex mortars;

For repair of rooms which will be operated in the conditions of the increased humidity it is necessary to use solutions from cement or it is cement - a limy basis. The same solutions can be used for repair of external and internal slopes of window openings;

From plaster and a tree indoors it is necessary to apply solutions on the basis of plaster and lime to repair of surfaces;

Decorative coverings on a polymeric basis have fireproof and noise-insulating properties therefore they can be used both for internal, and for external surfaces.

Plaster works are considered as the most laborious and long works on finishing of rooms. By preparation for these works it is also necessary to consider a number of important points:

Plaster works need to be begun only after installation of all partitions, replacement of windows, an electrical wiring and engineering communications;

Before performance of plaster works it is necessary to make preliminary cleaning. If there is a need, then to cover a floor with newspapers or a film;

Walls need to be cleared of all traces of old plaster completely. To make the necessary notches, and only after that to start putting new plaster;

At the choice of structure for plaster and spackling works it is necessary to consider purpose of the room and usloviyay operation. It is also necessary to pay attention by sight of finishing material which will be applied to final registration of a surface.

We hope that by means of our recommendations, you will manage to prepare your apartment for repair and you will be able to execute repair without excess material inputs and loss of time.