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Theater: a role, a task and influence of


and - the beginning new with nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Theatre a scene value a role a task influence requirement advantage to attract to children

has to learn to bear to allow to call to visit it is capable to go

klv one person Comes to theater - another leaves.

and Even one feeling that theaters exist - does the person spiritually richer and vozvyshenny.

in True appointment of theater has to be education of people, increase of spirituality, morality, positive outlook.

in Inadmissibly that theater was only entertainment.

in Advertising, the competition, benefit dictate to theater display not of useful representations, and that which will attract more gapers and will give profit.

in Theatre has to be first of all spiritual food - but not business.

in Theatre should not learn bad - and to cause to it disgust.

p the Main censorship has to be in the head.

in Daring, romanticism, authority, prosperity of criminals, heroes

of a scene which did not lead to the tragedy, punishment and repentance can be regarded as promotion of crime.

and Theatre has to bear only the truth.

dv the Task of theater - to teach good and to take away from bad.

d Theatre strongly influences the person.

in Action on a scene influences health, spirituality, outlook, behavior of the audience.

and Theatre has to be a morality criterion.

p Theatre has to open for the viewer that what he aspires to - but cannot reach.

vp Theatre has to adapt to the audience - but not to part a jabber.

and Theatre has to be a life echo.

p Theatre has to - to clear hearts of the audience through pure souls of actors.

and the Events on a scene has to be clear even to the one who does not understand life.

and On a scene should bare soul of heroes - but not a body.

and Theatre is first of all thought and soul.

p In theater should put those scenes, - which the person scrolls in the head.

and Theatre first of all has to be reflection of life, but not empty show.

and the Visit of theater unlike television viewing is the real event which can be remembered well. for

and Izoydya tears in theater - we feel pity in life less.

z the Scene, artificially causing excessive compassion of people, reduces them to close and surrounding in real life.

p the Artificial call of compassions is moderated and correctly brings up people, brings to charity, mutual aid - it is excessive, roughly, frighteningly, opposite muffles natural requirement to sympathize and help unfortunate.

and Is unreal the big sufferings created artificially and exclusive real shown excessively - dissolve in themselves those which occur in usual

life nearby.

and When getting of bread turns into the tragicomedy - the people ceases to go to theater.

and Theatre has to disseminate life fog.

and In theater is more essential than where or the mimicry is used.

and Gesture - the king of theater.

to Theatre - a mosaic of feelings.

p what occurs on a scene has to be understood irrespective of what language is spoken by actors.

to Theatre - the teacher.

zd Theatre is capable to move the person in time and space.

and Theatre - first of all game and education.

and Theatre is more than art.

z the Person wishes to be the actor more - than the viewer.

and Need for theater is narrowed by the appeared new forms of information and entertainments.

and the Best training for game on a scene - life.

and the Fad of theater - an ostrosyuzhetnost.

and Theatre in many respects leaves due to the increased emotionality of heroes and actors.

zd Theatre in many respects lives at the expense of power of the viewer.

and Reaction of the viewer - the guide for the actor.

p Stars have to be in the sky - and on a scene good actors.

and the Enemy of theater - boredom.

z Theatre is in many respects obliged to idea.

p On a scene should not be visible actors.

p Any theatrical tinsel not to close lack of talent of dramatic art and game.

and Theatre is many-sided.

d the Best representation that, - who forces to forget the viewer that it in the hall. yu honored workers can play

On stage of idlers.

yu the Nervous people capable is hysterical to overstrain - a find for theater.

yu People go to theater because the scenario of life is bad. yu In theater of the viewer the easiest to attract

with complimentary tickets.

yu the Theatre has to force to forget the viewer that it has a mobile phone.

yu That the audience was arrested by a scene - it is necessary to raise the prices in buffet.

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