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Festival of Flowers in Cyprus?. Anfestiriya!

of Anfestiriya are a holiday of flowers which is spent traditionally in Cyprus on May 6. Mai, in Cyprus, is considered the beginning of summer and therefore there yet there is no very strong heat. Bright, rich colors of wild orchids, camomiles, dikiy tulips, gladioluses, lilies, irises and peonies which grow on this island did not grow dim under the scorching sun beams yet.

It is day not simply admiration of flowers of Cyprus, and a tribute of natural richness of the island. It is a holiday of the state level.

This year the holiday prydyot is also devoted from May 4 to May 6 it not just to flowers, and their role in religion and festive life of people. The center of flower celebrations is Pathos. But processions will also take place and in Limassol, the flower-show and the flower market, and Larnaca also there will open.

Down the street Poseidon, the cities Pathos which conducts to Old harbor move platforms on which different flowers, laid out compositions. All girls, beautiful and joyful, elegantly dressed cost at the edges of the road and in hands at everyone a bouquet or a wreath on the head.

This day it is considered indecent not to present to darling at least a modest bouquet, and also are presented in the flowers literally all: relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Anfestiriya is the sea of emotions, pleasures, bright paints and fragrant aromas. It is one of the most favourite and cheerful holidays, both among Cypriots, and among tourists and unforgettable impressions for long time.

The tradition of holding a flower festival came to Cyprus from Ancient Greece where it was carried out time in four years and was devoted to god - the patron of winemaking and theater Dionysus, and symbolizing itself(himself) spring blossoming and autumn withering of plants. Anfesteriya is also a festival of all live, the plants and flowers celebrating revival and awakening of the person and the nature.

Dionysus dies every fall and is born anew every spring - just as flowers. On a legend, anemones appeared from drops of blood of Dionysus killed from - for Persefona and Aphrodite`s jealousy.

Today celebrations during a flowers festival in many respects remind antique celebrations. The word “Anfesteriya“ (Anthestiria) came from the Greek word “anthos“, meaning “flower“. The idea of a festival consists that in the spring the nature wakens and blossoms new paints.

Besides a carnival on all cities and rural lands of solar Cyprus in the period of Anfestiriya musical performances, competitions of national dances and a flower fair will be organized.

Cyprus possesses not only natural beauty and rich sights, but also unusual hospitality of its inhabitants.

Beauty of this state is simply indescribable! On a legend, it is connected with the fact that on this island the goddess of beauty Aphrodite was born. The birthplace of this goddess the ancient capital of Cyprus - Pathos is considered.

Kiprorozhdenny I will sing to Kiferey. Gentle mortal she presents with gifts

. The smile

does not descend From its lovely face. Also the flower on the goddess is charming.

Over Salamin fine reigning with Cyprus extensive,

the Song, the goddess, accept and light it passion hot!


the Legend that in Cyprus the goddess Aphrodite - the goddess of love and beauty was born. granting to the earth abundance, it is challenged by nobody. Not without reason one of names of the goddess of Kiprid. In antique times near the present city of Pathos there was a grandiose temple of Aphrodite, one of the most magnificent in the Hellenistic world. Today here archeological excavations from which finds are collected in the lock Luzinyanov constructed near temple ruins are conducted.

Long and happy life is provided to the loving couples coming to the island of Cyprus in Pathos, and lonely tourists will find to themselves the partner in life. The fine festival of flowers is a fine opportunity to have feelings of love, pleasure, happiness and general fun.