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Why extortion is one of the most dangerous crimes?

Extortion - very interesting structure (article) of offenses provided by the criminal legislation. It is interesting that criminals encroach at the same time on two objects: in - the first, on the personality (her life and health), and in - the second on the property relations.

Thus, this act encroaches on the basic rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution.

According to the Criminal code, extortion is a requirement of transfer of property or the right for property (or commission of any actions of property character) under the threat of application of violence to the victim or his relatives, destructions or damages of their property, distribution slanderous or announcements of other data which they wish to keep in secret.

The following signs are characteristic of extortion:

1. High degree of latency of these crimes. It is connected with the fact that the victims are afraid that their safety will not be ensured properly, or with the fact that they are engaged in illegal activity.

2. Extortion are most often made as a part of organized groups.

3. The melon crime is quite often connected with kidnapping.

4. Considerably limited evidential base.

Extortion is one of the most dangerous crimes. It is caused not only the fact that a data object of crimes is the property and at the same time the personality, but also that it is made in total with other serious crimes - kidnapping, taking of hostages, a robbery, robbery, infliction of harm health, etc. of

Would like to pay attention to the victims at extortion. They can be divided into two groups.

To the first it is possible to carry the citizens leading a law-abiding life, who are engaged in commercial activity the high-ranking public servants, businessmen, heads of joint-stock companies etc.

To the second group those whose activity has illegal character belong: the bribe takers, participants of illegal transactions, intermediaries in washing and cashing in of money having the high income and a criminal focus of life and activity (the prostitute; the persons evading from the taxation etc.)

Extortion is frequent to become means of resolution of conflicts between criminal groups, way of repartition of spheres of influence of criminal activity.

It is possible to allocate three ways of commission of extortion:

1. Threat of application of violence to the victim and his relatives. It can be carried out by communication, by transfer of the letter, departure by e-mail of a sound recording etc. The mental violence can be expressed in demonstration of tools of its commission and possible results. For example, tossing of dead animals or photos of dead people. The physical abuse can be expressed in deprivation of the victim of an opportunity to move, torture, excruciation.

2. Threat of the announcement of the dishonoring or other undesirable information about the person or his relatives which most often is expressed in the bringing to publicity of the dishonoring facts about the victim, data on illegal obtaining the income etc. of

3. Threat of damage or destruction of property.

As for the identity of the criminal, most often it males aged from 18 till 35 years. Among them - a considerable share of previously convicted, generally for mercenarily violent crimes. Often extortioners work in the commercial organizations, security agencies. Among them there are also persons which are not working anywhere, earlier actively and professionally playing sports. Women also take part in commission of crimes, only supporting roles are usually assigned to them.

Criminals can be divided into two groups conditionally:

1. The persons who made extortion “without preparation“, spontaneously, so-called “casual criminals“;

2. The persons who made extortion with preliminary preparation - “malicious criminals“.

To “casual“ it is possible to carry extortioners - the singles committing crimes without special preparation. As a rule, it is athletes, minors at the age of 15-17 years, the former staff of special forces etc. The main part of extortioners are members of the organized, steady and kept dark criminal formations. The hierarchical system of submission into which enter is inherent in these groups:

1) head of group;

2) advisers, assistants, coherent;

3) the persons which are carrying out search of the possible victims for extortion, collection of information about them, studying of a situation by preparation of criminal operation;

4) group of cover - persons whose duty is protection of extortioners at their possible exposure and detention, as a rule, since the moment when they come into the view of law enforcement agencies (in these groups possibly participation of employees of the law enforcement agencies or persons which were earlier working in them);

5) collectors of “tribute“, “taxes“;

6) the fighters who are carrying out the tasks of intimidation, beating, torture, application of other violent acts concerning the victims and also which are carrying out actions for destruction, damage of property or its capture, for taking of hostages, kidnapping, etc. of

as a result would like to note that extortion - one of the most dangerous crimes as (I will repeat) encroaches on two objects at the same time (on life and health and on the property right) and it is characterized by the high level of latency. Generally it is made by organized criminal groups and quite often made in combination with other serious crimes.