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How to open beauty?

Perhaps, it is also not necessary to look for any treasured “ words Sezam, open“ or “A bang tibidokh tibidokh tokh tokh“. Though if sounds, the sounding mantras then, of course, it is possible to say them are important for someone.

It is enough sometimes an image, and at everyone this image. It is necessary to wonder: what for me in this life the most beautiful? A face of darling - mother, the father, the husband, the wife, the brother, the sister, the child? Or this plant: flower, bush, tree?

Or beautiful animal? Or the amazing rock in mountains or in the sea? Even the car can be image of beauty and, therefore, - that door through which you will enter the world of beauty, you will climb the energiya (vibrations) on that transcendental floor in yourself on which takes breath.

Important, trying and being mistaken, to find this door - an image for itself and then it is already easy to enter it. In us there is everything, all levels, it and are a ladder of soul which we can climb to tops.

Beauty is the highest level. And it not others, and ours, it in us. It is top, having risen by which, it is visible the sparkling beauty of the world, on not its outrage. And from this top you realize yourself not the freak, a pathetic insect, the creature shivering, but the creator, similar to God.

Behind this door, at this top also spiritual beauty can open: thoughts, feelings, acts, desires. It shakes. You lived in the world of certain paints, shades, truth, and suddenly see that the same paints, shades, truth can be majestic and sparkling.

Pity to other person which you considered as weakness earlier suddenly opens as the highest manifestation of love. Also there are clear Christ`s words, turned to the robber crucified near it on a cross who regretted it: “Truly I speak to you: today with me you will be in paradise …“ Why it so told

to it? Because also the most thorough criminal can be reversed, regenerate as if. When to it beauty when it flies up soul on top suddenly opens and sees what fine the world opened … As enthusiastically he drinks this world, sees it, hears, he understands …, despite all the crimes … And then he is surprised that is given it, it appears, to see such beauty … It even not surprise already, and shock. And it regenerates. Can even regenerate completely.

There is also one more condition - to notice beauty, it is necessary to slow down. At a speed you will not open beauty, everything merges in the greased iridescent spot. It is necessary to cease to rush at least for an instant on life, to stop and peer as we stop and peer at flower petals, at wings of a butterfly, at dewdrops on a grass.

And only then we are surprised what this miracle. Then only we understand what at delay of life of eyes begins to see, the world surrounding us as far as it is wonderfully arranged, even the fact that it seems silly and ugly in the beginning is how perfect and amazing.

Curve tree? But, if to peer, this curvature counterbalances the left, lightweight, but its magnificent part with right, dense, more rare, but also heavier, massive. The huge stone which is cut up by wrinkles and roughnesses? But, if to present that this face of the elderly person how many will open interesting details. The cutter of the nature creates the masterpieces also here …

Happens that search of beauty goes all life. In this case the person has a happy opportunity all life to open doors to the different worlds - beauty spaces.