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How to avoid excess expenditure in a family with the small child?

for anybody not a secret that it is reasonable to spend money not less difficult, than to earn them. And if you in the house had a small child, then it becomes harder and harder to control process of expenditure of money in process of a growing of the kid. In this article we will give several councils for planning of the budget taking into account emergence in a family of the small child.

Before planning of the family budget not superfluous will be to define what expenditure are obligatory and what can and be avoided. For this purpose not one month can be required. The clear picture of house expenses will not manage to be seen at once. But then it will be possible to save not bad. The income and expenses can be fixed in the different ways. It is possible to use a usual notebook. And it is possible to acquire special computer programs which allow to conduct home accounts department.

If you get paid on a plastic card, then it is possible to use such scheme. For payment of regular expenses, such as utilities, phone, kindergarten, etc., draw part of money from a plastic card. The remained sum needs to be divided into the number of weeks in a month and to transfer one part of the sum to other plastic card. Remove the first card far away that there was no temptation to spend from it money, and the second map can use within a week. In a week fill up the second card with one more part. If you get paid cash, then it is possible just to spread out money on different envelopes by the same principle.

Now when you dealt with monthly expenditure, it will be useful to estimate service life of all things in the house and to make the detailed list of purchases on prospect. In this case you will not be taken unawares by unexpected acquisitions.

You should not save on products, especially on the products intended for feeding of the kid. But also there is exit. First of all, before a visit of shop it is necessary to write the list of necessary products, and in shop to buy what is specified at you in the list. So you will be able to avoid temptation to buy something superfluous and at the same time will not forget to buy the necessary products.

You should not neglect house tinned preparations. Stocks for the winter will help to save on vegetables not bad. However you should not forget that small children cannot be fed with home-made canned food, it can be unsafe for their health. Do not buy to small children chips, lollipops and to that similar products - they too not really well influence health. Let your child be only the useful and intended for his age food.

It is possible to try to save also on clothes. For example, children can connect beautiful jackets and sweaters. The most part of clothes, of course, should be bought. But here it makes sense to remember the known popular wisdom: “Penny-wise and pound-foolish“. Buy only qualitative things of the known and checked brands. But do not buy too much clothes, children very quickly grow, and almost new things remain to lie dead freight. Things in a good shape, but from which your kid already grew up, can try to be sold or exchanged. It will help to save too. You should not save on more serious purchases. For example, you should not buy an automobile chair privately - it is unknown what it qualities and that happened to it at former owners.

And, of course, in families with small children not to avoid purchases of toys, expenditure for training of the child and his entertainment. It is very difficult to pass with the small child by a show-window with toys, to resist his pressure and not to buy at least some knickknack. However it is necessary - to force not to do all itself such useless purchases. Let your kid will get used to thought that mother will not buy to him a toy according to the first requirement. It is useful not only for your budget, but also for the kid. Tell the child that you did not take with yourself money. Of course, at first he will be dissatisfied, maybe, will even shout, but it is necessary for his education.

You should not neglect the developing games and entertainments, however. It is possible to descend with the child in circus or an amusement park on weekdays, then ticket prices are slightly lower, than during week-end, or to buy tickets not in the first row, but on those places from where it is well visible.

The reasonable economy will preserve your money and will even allow to lay something in store.