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Styuarta - unhappy kings. Black tag of the duke Albany?

Wander - wander about medieval Scotland, even without approaching especially the royal palace, and the impression develops: Styuarta - losers. It is. However, in other dynasties of this kingdom too there will hardly be lucky much. Difficult was to them, however, to poor kings of Dalriady/Piktavia / Alba / Scotland.

But we will return to Styuartam. After reading of a series of articles of Vyacheslav Martin there was a wish to classify everything somehow. Especially as misfortunes began long before the queen Mary. By the way, so it is called by Scots. Recently it was necessary to write small rasskazik about Scotland the 16th century - some horror. Three quarters of characters - men are called James Stewart, from kings to modest captains. And women - all Mary, is almost universal. Including - wives and daughters mentioned Dzheymsov.

A the queen Mary - one.

Generally, queens two. Therefore - mother at historians it is accepted to call the queen by a maiden name - Mary Giz.

But - at first. The knight from Brittany Alan of fitsa Flaald arrived to England by the invitation of the king Henry I, that is at the beginning of the 12th century. One of his sons, Walter of fitsa Alan, got over on the North further away - in Alba (the name Scotland then was still new and not quite politically correct). He made a meteoric career, there were seneshaly (the Supreme Stewart) kingdoms. This he descended a position to the son, and then its name became a surname.

So far everything is all right.

In 1371 the king David Bruce died, he had no children in general. But there was a nephew, the son of the sister of David and great Robert Bruce`s grandson. Robert (v chest deda) Stewart, count Strezern. Only of Styuartov, carrying a crown about whom it is impossible to tell that it is “unhappy“. The successful commander and the capable politician, it, however, podrastratit considerable part of the state treasury unclear on what. But was enough for time measured to it.

Still Robert II became famous as the exemplary family man. From two wives and three mistresses it had fifteen sons, and the list of daughters will hardly be located on the page. He distributed these daughters to the colleagues and just caused a stir knights as an award. In 1450 - x years Black Duglasa (five brothers) together with Alexander Lindsay, the count Crawford and John McDonald, Lord Ostrovov lifted rokosh against the king James II. George Krasny Douglas, the count Angus, remained is faithful to the king, and James Kennedy, the bishop Sent - Andrews, conducted blasting work among vassals the column Douglas. All misters mentioned in this paragraph were great-grandsons of the king Robert II.

Generally, Robert Stewart, potsarstvovav in the pleasure, quietly died at the age of seventy four years.

Also began...

Everything began with the fact that his eldest son was called John. The king`s rating with such name would fall in Scotland below zero at once, so despised Balliol`s cattle. Therefore it was necessary to be renamed into Robert. Without looking even that there was a brother, three years more young which was already called Robert from the birth.

All right, the king Robert III already was not especially bright, and here still unsuccessfully fell from a horse. Not that absolutely the person of mind lost, but problems some were available. Uncertainty in itself some appeared.

But Robert there is a brother, the duke Albany, was active and self-assured to impossibility. There is such example: quarreled with the eldest son of the king, the duke Rotsi - so took him and arrested. Under arrest the successor of a throne unclear of what died. The king treated death of the prince indifferently - The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. But decided to send the younger son out of harm`s way - by the ship to France.

As though the almighty duke did not control all ports and all ships.

Having received news that the ship of prince James is seized by unknown pirates, the king Robert III was upset and died.

However, not an animal uncle. With the prince (now the new king) everything was as it should be - he should spend the next eighteen years in comfortable English to captivity.

Prisoners, of course, it is necessary to redeem. But after battle at Homildon Hill such crowd of the Scottish lords and knights vegetated in London and vicinities that about all unfortunate captives and you will not remember. Especially as the duke Albany for some reason wanted to redeem first of all own son Murdoch.

Murdoch the duke redeemed. And still many other knights useful to Scotland. And about the king James - all hands did not reach.

After death of the old duke when the country the redeemed Murdoch practically drove, the people (the people with a title not below the count mean) forced it to pay repayment for the king.

Thirty-year-old James I returned home. First of all he was crowned, the second - married, the third - ordered to chop off the heads to the cousin Murdoch and two of his sons. The younger son of the duke managed to run away to Ireland. The duchess as the member of the family of the enemy of the people, received eight years and left them for Tantallone.

Then James I deployed the program of actions for strengthening of legality and a law and order. Some time it was suffered, but generally the king had fourteen uncles. One of them, Walter Stewart, the count Atholl, headed the plot which was crowned with success. In 1437 - m, at the age of forty three years, James of I was pinned up in Perth.

The count Atholl instead of receiving a crown as he counted, was immediately shortened on the head. The new king all recognized the only son the pinned-up James.

To the new king James II - seven years...

Small retreat. cannot be denied In any way that the first of unhappy Styuartov - Robert III - became that not least because of vigorous activity of his brother Robert. Except, to put it mildly, troubles which happened to both princes, the duke vigorously entered practice of protectionism in Scotland. What is called, itself lived also to the supporters allowed to live. Even more roughly - it is possible to steal if you share with the chief. From here - the sea of unpleasant consequences, not only for a royal dynasty, but also for the state in general.

The unhappy star hallooed to the duke Albany in six hundred years. Thanks to the younger grandson who in due time ran away to Ireland, the duke`s descendants on the direct man`s line are well and until now. In 1984 - m to year 20 - y the count Morey was forced to refuse in favor of the state the patrimonial lock, in 1999 - m reduced it from chamber of lords, and in 2003 - m deprived of the right to manage court in the possession.