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How to give an original gift to relatives? Present impression!

Honore de Balzac told that “feelings - the brightest part of our life“ . And it was absolutely right. When we give to the loved one a gift, we want that he tested pleasure from it. So why not to present in emotion gift? How?

That it “impression as a gift“?

Now the set of the organizations and the Internet - shops suggest to acquire gift certificates for pleasure. The essence is that you can choose some interesting event, skill courses, an extreme adventure or excursion as a gift to the relatives. Such gift is calculated on any age, sex and on people of absolutely different hobbies. There are even special gift sets for children, for lovers, for the noisy company, for fans of extreme sports or for fans of rest etc.

It is possible to present what is interesting to the hero of the occasion that is connected with his hobby or dreams. For example, if your darling adores playing billiards, then it will like the master - a billiards class where the skilled trainer will show it all knowledge. And the girl loving attention and having actor`s talents can present record of own video clip or a professional photoshoot.

You can present to the loved one an opportunity to try that to him it is still inaccessible or that he never before tried. For example, the younger brother who does not have the driver`s license can present the master - a class on driving of the car or motorcycle. And the beloved can be surprised with a gift on saloon procedures - the Thai massage, a stounterapiya or other SPA - procedures.

The gift package or a box, the gift certificate of individual number, an insurance and conditions of use of a gift usually is included in the package. By the way, some of services include age limits, to a state of health or physical data therefore it is necessary to examine attentively them before purchase of a gift.

What most original gifts - impressions meet?

For a start let`s consider the most interesting of extreme gifts. These gifts are designed both for one person, and for two and more.

Zorbing . The person sits down in the transparent sphere with a special chamber for the passenger and slides from the hill with a speed of 40 km/h. It and is terrible, and is fascinating at the same time. Still, at such speed to fly and see everything under the legs! Zorbing can happen also on a river surface.

Aero pipe . It imitates free flight, it is possible to feel that it to fly as a bird. It occurs thanks to the ascending stream of air which keeps the person in zero gravity.

Also occur driving on ATVs among extreme gifts, on sigvy (the electric two-wheeled scooter), on the buggy, weeds on a paraplane, on the fighter, on a motor-hang-glider, rock-climbing, school of a snowboard, alpine ski school, diving, helicopter walk, driving on the tank, parachute jump etc. of

For loving couples the most useful and unusual gifts can become the following impressions:

Lesson of potter`s skill . A pottery - the ancient occupation having the secrets and receptions. The master will help to make the souvenirs which can be kept for memory.

Professional photoshoot . The skilled artist creates the portraits emphasizing identity of the relations and your proximity with each other. The family portfolio will allow to surprise the friends and will please you from year to year.

Appointment in the dark . Appointment at restaurant where well familiar dishes and products begin to be perceived in a new way. It is an opportunity to experience new emotions and feelings.

Loving couples can also use such gifts as a yoga lesson, walk by motor ship, appointment by the ship, tasting of wine, cognac or beer, appointment in the Japanese style, horse walk, a trip in the carriage or on a limousine, romantic days off in country hotel, romantic appointment among butterflies, etc. of

Some organizations include a breakfast on a roof as a gift - impression of excursion. For example, Secrets of the Moscow reductions, in the wake of Mastera and Margarita, travel to the country of animation, a vault of Moscow, otherworldly Moscow, on a visit at Mosfilm and others. Unfortunately, such adventures are not in all cities.

Among the weakening gifts offers a wide choice of massages - honey, Thai, balineziysky, Indian, Tibetan, various procedures: SPA - manicure, a pedicure, African braids, etc. is Also presented to

a set the master - classes for every taste: a lesson of the Chinese painting, the master - a class on scrapbooking, magic of sand drawing, a fencing lesson, a lesson of martial art, a lesson of figure skating, a calligraphy lesson, a golf lesson, school of aerobatics, a photoskill course, the master - a class of playing a drum, the master - a class on production of the Cuban cigars, helicopter school, dancing school, seducing lessons.

Some companies even offer erotic impressions as a gift. For example, a female, man`s striptease or a svinger - a party.

For the big company can present a party, fiery show, firing from pneumatics in a dash or a paintball, cheerful cartoons, a party on a roof of the jeep, knightly duels, a party at bikers, show of soap bubbles, a foamy party, a party - a carnival, game in well-known “Mafia“ or rope park (passing of obstacles in height).

Among very of expensive gifts is such - creation of personal diamond, on a visit at Harry Potter (week in children`s camp - the lock), walk with an elephant, travel on a sailing vessel on islands, own photobook (the picture-book from life), record of own disk in professional recording studio, the music video clip or the animated movie and others.

At the choice of a gift first of all be guided by preferences of the relatives, and then you can expect gratitude and infinite pleasure. Excellent mood for a long time - here result of a good gift!