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How to disaccustom the child to swear?

your kid grow, and gradually in his lexicon more and more new words appear. And here you notice words which make not absolutely good sense in his speech. The first natural reaction is a bewilderment and, perhaps, anger. You cannot understand why your child so awfully swears and from where he knows such “bad“ words. But you should not abuse the child at once and to punish him for the fact that he uses an offensive language. As it is correct to react to emergence of “bad“ words how to disaccustom the child them to use in the speech?

First of all pay attention to own behavior, analyse as you behave in a conflict situation. If you at the slightest pretext use an offensive language, then it is worth beginning education with itself.

Most often people swear on emotions and just because are not able to express all power of the negative feelings in other words. And the lexicon of the small child is even less, than at the adult. Therefore, naturally, it seems to the child that “bad“ into words he will be able to put all scale of the negative emotions. Try to think up replacement to curses, explain that it is possible to put the rage others, normal into words, for example, “I am angry with you“, “I took offense“. It is possible to focus attention of the child that bad words are pronounced only by ill-mannered and angry persons, and good and well-mannered do not swear. He does not want that mother considered him as the bad child? Therefore it is also not necessary to say curses.

Do not ignore emergence of “bad“ words in a lexicon of your kid. The child is eager to show you the new abilities, and will repeat the “bad“ word until you do not react. And if you keep silent and will try not to pay attention to what he tells, then your silence will be regarded as approval and permission to use of an offensive language. In this case it will be best of all to explain to the child at once and firmly that this word “bad“ and it cannot be said. Any child wants to be good in the opinion of parents therefore it is quite possible that he will not repeat a curse any more.

It is possible to think up system of punishments for pronouncing curses: for example, deprive of it for each said curse of some entertainment - viewing of the movie, game on the computer, sweets, walk.

Important also own example to show that “bad“ words cannot be pronounced. Try to watch yourself and the speech, at least in the presence of the child. You watch what circle of contacts of your kid. If so it developed that in your environment there are children who say curses, then it is quite probable that your child from them learned these words. In that case show hardness and just forbid the child to pronounce “bad“ words.

You should not focus attention of the child on “bad“ words. For this purpose it is not necessary to torture the child with inquiries about that from where he knows this or that word where he heard it. Your inquiries will only stir interest of the child in the forbidden word.