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You are able to get acquainted?

Ah as it is good! I will not overtake for anything, I will try to enjoy longer contemplation of this star after, it is even not gait, but some delusion. How it is so possible to move? It slides is weightless on a cloud, so easily and easy, gracefully povilivy buttocks, clinking heels. What lines, a silhouette, it is harmonious and coped, takes the breath away. The easy breeze touches and fingers her long nutbrown hair as I suddenly envied it, here to get into her ringlets, to carry out on them by palms from top to bottom, rastopyrivy and squeezing fingers. As they are soft, silky, shine and sparkle, changing colors and shades. She made by

the easy movement, having looked slightly aside. No, did not look back, but somewhere can, felt on herself my fixed, studying and delighted look. Her hair slipped on shoulders and ran snakes.

Ya, even being few steps away from it, felt its breath, represented the rising breast which fits thin, elastic cream tone the jacket emphasizing a divine figure and a waist, in particular. And what aroma it exhales, just the head is turned. As it is put by

Surprising proportions. Shoulders not wide and not narrow, not sloping and not under a yoke in spite of the fact that on one of them so elegant thong as the hostess, handbags, a miracle goes so exactly as if there is no handbag and in mention.

I go as on a lead, I notice nothing around and I do not hear, completely absorbed by pleasure of visual contact, it is necessary only to imagine how she is beautiful in a profile and especially full face, but I even to dare I am afraid to approach her, after what it made impression on me, I already will not be able to pass for anything by. I will have to somehow to try to get acquainted, and suddenly it will sniff and will send far away? No, such option does not suit me at all, it is necessary to collect the thoughts, to think up a pretext and somehow unostentatiously to ask about something, for example, what time is it now. there is no

, it is too trivial and beaten. Will think what the man who even has no hours or the mobile phone is. Such way sank at summer long ago. And if to ask how to pass where - nibud? Too - no, will think that not local and the reason for fleeting acquaintance looks for cheerfully to spend time.

If I was skilled in, such, questions, then problems would not be, but to miss such chance - never I will forgive myself. All possible options took off absolutely from the head, be that will be, the my impromptu, the more probably will sound more unexpectedly that I will strike it on the spot. Everything, is solved, I quicken the pace, I catch up, slowly I overtake, as if I stumble, I fall at her legs and, apologizing that it zaglyadetsya on its indescribable beauty and then farther it will be visible, on its reaction.

And whether not too I was lost in day-dreams, and suddenly it will not be pleasant to me? Well, it is destiny, I already fell in love with it, even from a back. There is it? I do not know, with me it for the first time. Could just pay attention earlier as any man, to stare, admire, even to be fascinated, but to fall in love - it was not necessary. She just has no right to disappoint me, she - perfection.

As we want to satisfy the curiosity, to embody dreams in reality. Fluids, hormones, pheromones, aphrodisiacs. My hemoretseptor dement.

- Girl!

- What you wanted?

I was not mistaken, it is charming, divine, unique, beautiful so that I just lost a speech power, having stupidly stared at it and, having semi-opened a mouth, could not pronounce more the word in addition also stood on the place

A it, slowly moving away from me, not looking back, and only slightly, even not in a half-turn, slightly led the head aside, as if inviting to further continuation of acquaintance, at least, to me so it seemed. What to do? I was struck dumb, chemistry of my body, straining all my muscles, just shouted. Forward! Catch up! More safely! Do not miss the chance! Be not a fool, the blockhead! The man you, or - is not present!?

But what I made farther crosses out all common sense, I never expected such recklessness from myself, and never I will forgive myself. Having caught up with it, I asked a question, about absurd comparable with cretinism.

- Forgive and where you bought such jacket, I would like to get same for the wife?

- It the husband presented to me.

Me proshib cold sweat and on all body terribly huge goosebumps jumped gallop.

- Your husband has a good taste. I too very much liked your jacket, it is a pity that not I presented it to you.

I did not expect such rudeness and impudence from myself, but to my astonishment, the beauty, not only did not spit to me in a face or whacked a slap in the face, or nadavat a handbag on my physiognomy, and lovely smiled. I only managed to express instinctively on, struck from such unexpected continuation, the person, similarity of a smile.

- It is all you wanted to ask me about? - she continued to smile.

- Of course, no, you forgive me for a ridiculous question which I you asked, just there was a wish to get acquainted with you, and nothing acceptable, frankly speaking, came to mind, I generally also am not married at all.

- Nothing terrible, I perfectly understand you, saw the nice girl and, by all means, decided to get acquainted, and suddenly it will turn out, isn`t it?

- As for the nice girl, you are absolutely right, and I, at all, am not able to get acquainted, would never begin to do it on the street as now, but you made too strong impression on me, I even itself do not understand from where courage was enough. You do not take offense at me, however, it would not be desirable to seem persuasive, but if you are not against, it is possible to walk a little at least near you? Day was given extremely remarkable, weather strange, solarly, warmly, you do not hurry? there is no

- Yes, it is just necessary for me, here nearby, to make which - what purchases, here and decided to walk a little. I do not think that it will be interesting to you to accompany me on shops and it is inconvenient, to put it mildly.

- I understood you, of course, you forgive me that disturbed, I by all means will take leave as soon as we approach the first of the shops interesting you, but all - if we got acquainted, may I introduce myself. My name is Andrey, and you?

- What you fast, however. there is no

- I do not insist, casual acquaintance, in the absence of the circumstances favoring to creation of the further relations, cannot dispose you to object, worthy your attention at all, but if you deigned to give chance to the knight errant, throughout our acquaintance, I would be inexpressibly glad and grateful to you, at least for hope which I test, having honor to go with you nearby and to admire only a possibility of communication with you.

- Lena. My name is Lena, and here, by the way, and shop. So sorry, but I am compelled

- Yes, Lena, of course, it is not necessary to continue, I also am so very glad to our acquaintance, and we will be able to meet you?

- I do not know, perhaps, but only not today.

I understood everything. I was pleasant to it, but she has to understand, comprehend and endure it, it is necessary to give it some time. If to go too far the persistence or desire to meet as soon as possible, then it can frighten off and disappoint her. Let will experience and it will be prepared for possible changes in private life. But, pancake, I hit the nail what I am a macho, so quickly to twist the girl and I - super.

Stop! Early to rejoice, can do it only a trick from its party quicker to get out. Women, they cunning, you will not get to the core of them at once. Once again STOP! What I think of? I was just lucky, can do it and there is my happiness, Lenochka - the miracle, and a miracle from miracles is not simple. And suddenly I will not see it any more, having suddenly asked a phone number, she either will not tell, or will call the wrong number?

- There is my business card, call me if you want, the day after tomorrow, by the evening closer.

- Yes, is fine, - I unintentionally said aloud, without having believed that it can occur, - Oh, I`m sorry, Lena, of course, I will surely call, prenepremenno! - I shouted following, already almost disappeared in the doorway of shop, my unexpected familiar

. This

- yes, this - I understand. Nothing to itself put? This I got!

You understand that other words of delight, at that moment, took off from the head at all, to my unexpected happiness there were no borders. Here so, simply, easily and easy, I never before myself felt. Tell about me it somebody another - would not believe for anything.