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Whether it is possible to buy the island in the ocean?

Appear, it is possible. Let`s begin as it is accepted at us in Russia, from the question price. For how many it is possible to buy the island in the ocean? The price - a leaf begins with 20 thousand dollars on islands at the coast of Canada (i.e. is ten times cheaper, than the apartment in Moscow) and 100 million dollars on the Bahamas reach a limit. Annually about 300 similar objects in various points of the globe are offered for sale. The price of the island depends on its arrangement (in the North or southern Sea), remoteness from the continent, features of a landscape and climatic conditions, and also degree of its familiarity. Of course, to buy the desert island where there is no flora and sources of fresh water, will be much cheaper, than manned. However do not think that it is easy to buy the island in the ocean so and simply. The majority of the countries having an outlet to the sea imposes restrictions for purchase by foreigners of such real estate.

Where the person interested can buy the island? Look for, first of all, on the coast of Italy and France, and also in French Polynesia where there are no essential restrictions for this purpose. And here if you want to buy the island in Greece, on the Bermudas, Fiji or in the Republic of Maldives, then can face many problems. Let`s take, for example, Greece. There are serious restrictions for building of the acquired island. Besides, the Greek archeologists have to carry out excavation and, in case of detection on the island of traces of ancient civilizations, can forbid any construction.

Before beginning procedure of purchase of the pleasant island, it is necessary to think properly and why it generally is necessary to you? Usually tropical islands in the ocean are bought for the purpose of investments, the subsequent sale or people who cannot live without the sea, sharks, the boat and palm trees.

It is possible to use the island acquired in the ocean differently. For example, to construct a resort complex or hotel for tourists, fans of diving, ocean fishing or yachting. The good profit for the owner will be made also by delivery of the island for rent. The means received from it for certain will cover island charges. The maximum profit will be got at the same time by owners of the southern and tropical islands where the tourist season lasts almost all the year round. Much less often islands buy for the purpose of conducting agricultural activity, for example for cultivation of bananas.

Some enterprising people buy absolutely empty island in the ocean, equip on it infrastructure, and then sell it at the price several times exceeding initial.

Persons interested to buy the island should know that it is extremely expensive real estate object. Maintenance costs of personnel, the plane or boat, arrangement of the territory, providing the island with communications, transportation of products can exceed its cost considerably.

Procedure of purchase of the island is similar to purchase of the house or apartment, but in each case there are features. For example, in some countries it is required to get permission to purchase from the Ministry of Defence. In others - to have interview in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is also necessary to mean that expenses on purchase can exceed the island price approximately for 5%. Here fee of the realtor, lawyer, a single tax on transfer to the owner of the property right, the fee to the notary, registration of permission to purchase and building enter.

So for those who wish a full privacy on own island in the modest bungalow surrounded with palm trees and tropical flowers this dream is quite feasible.