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Mutual aid of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Mutual aid is necessary is necessary the advantage value sense value is important to bring up to impart the reasons benefit gives effect to come the soil is born is formed to carry out

dz Mutual aid is when people support each other when it is difficult for someone.

and the Grateful person, answering the help, in fact, turns it into mutual aid.

pv That mutual aid came - help the first.

p gives Mutual aid to each of its participants more than if he acted alone.

pvk Mutual aid is, first of all the help to.

in Without mutual aid mankind can die.

vp spirituality Growth - the best soil for mutual aid.

pv Mutual aid is promoted by philanthrophy.

p the Worst enemy of mutual aid - egoism.

d Nonsense is not capable to comprehend benefit and need of Mutual aid.

p the Most valuable mutual aid - common to all mankind when disinterested aid is given from the last to the unknown person - a repeated meeting with which it is a little probable.

and the Help turns into mutual aid sooner or later.

d Mutual aid is very important in marriage.

d Marriage - test for mutual aid.

d Serious test for mutual aid - is presented by friendship. there is no

and a man`s and women stuff - there is a mutual aid.

p Mutual aid of spouses is impossible at division of affairs on man`s and female.

and Mutual aid softens the chief`s attitude towards the subordinate. d Mutual aid does

people stronger.

and Mutual aid - blow to loneliness.

d Mutual aid helps weak - to resist to strong.

and the Vicious enemy of mutual aid - rivalry.

and the Hindrance of mutual aid - the competition.

z Mutual aid excludes opposition.

and Quite good soil for mutual aid - cooperation.

pzv Coercion and mutual aid - are not compatible.

and is Especially important mutual assistance in joint fight.

pz should prefer to Benefit the mutual aid shown by

only in exceptional cases. It serves as support in

a difficult moment and, having bilateral

character in comparison with benefit, does not destroy sincerity of the relations.

pz Friendship - mutual aid art.

z Friendship in difference from love cannot quickly be born, it slowly ripens under beams of reliability, devotion, mutual aid, common interests and sympathies.

and High dreams of disinterested friendship, as a rule, roll down before favorable mutual aid and joint pro-driving time.

and Natural selection because of mutual aid in a hard time quite strongly put unwillingness of death of relatives in the person, but the modern civilization and natural failures sometimes break this mechanism.

p Large purchases can be made through cash desk of mutual aid.

p the Most favorable, safe and reliable cash desk of mutual aid into which close people enter.

p Through cash desk of mutual aid it is possible to fight against inflation

and the Person appreciates that is above that does for others, something - that is done for it.

ki We remember better that we made for others - than the help to us.

p Attempt each other helping to establish whose contribution is higher - comes to an end with mutual discontent more often.

z related communication reduced the Practicality of modern life, on is not present, mutual aid - weakened. zpv If people something do

not only for themselves but also for others the effect of their efforts increases.

p what not is necessary for people they have to give each other.

and is necessary to the Person at least hope for mutual aid.

and One business mutual aid of people because of mutual interests, another matter from - for emergence of serial need.

spv can lead Mutual aid without justice to the help to the one who creates the evil.

and the Modern civilization overestimated modern values not in favor of mutual aid.

and Than wellbeing of people is higher - that mutual aid weaker.

and the Enemy of mutual aid - success

and Mutual mutual aid relies on reliability. mutual mutual aid does not have

p Without trust -.

and Mutual aid well is born because of solidarity.

d Mutual aid is effective in the solution of common problems.

z Mutual aid is more probable between people of one prosperity and opportunities.

and Mutual aid between two people is the one help and a never-ending chain of thanks.

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