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How to learn perception of the foreign speech aurally?

In this article I want to have a talk how to learn to understand the foreign speech aurally, and to tell about own experience in the matter.

For anybody not a secret - everyone who is engaged in learning of foreign language met such difficulty: the person perfectly knows grammar, with ease can execute difficult grammatical exercises, but, hearing the speech, is lost and cannot even sometimes understand a conversation essence.

We will begin with the reason which is the cornerstone of this problem. In modern methodical grants on teaching a foreign language it is specified now that a main goal of training in a foreign language is its communicative function. In other words, teachers have to teach first of all communication in a foreign language that assumes a priority of skills of audition and speaking before other types of speech activity.

However the similar state of affairs existed not always. Several years ago studying of any language was based on grammar - a translated method, that is language was learned for the purpose of more successful assimilation of grammar and skills of translation.

Unfortunately, such tendency is observed in many educational institutions to this day - teaching is conducted with application outdate uchebno for a long time - methodical complexes in which communicative approach actually is not considered. Besides teachers in most cases are people who for the life got used to such way of teaching which to change extremely difficult.

It is worth mentioning one important factor. In most cases people learn language with one teacher within several years. It also does not conduct to anything good in respect of communicative abilities of pupils as there is an accustoming to a manner of a pronunciation of only one person. When people hear the speech from other source, they cannot understand even expressions already well familiar to them.

All this also interferes with understanding of the speech aurally most of the people learning a foreign language. It appears, they just were never engaged in it at rather effective level.

How it is possible to solve a problem of understanding of the foreign speech aurally? To give the answer to the question posed, at first we will make a reservation that the pupil has to possess a sufficient lexicon . If with it there are no problems, will pass to actually recommendations.

First of all it is worth mentioning one important principle which is applicable almost everywhere: “You want to learn something - do it as often as possible“.

And this rule approaches language as well as possible. To learn to understand what tell native speakers about, it is necessary to listen to the foreign speech as often as possible. Only this rule will allow to achieve success in the field. There is a question: “With what to me to begin if, listening to the foreigner, I practically understand nothing from what he tells?“

Should not set to itself at once the purpose which is unattainable for you so far. To learn to understand informal conversation very hard. It is necessary to begin with simpler and available things.

I extremely recommend to begin process of training in understanding of the speech with viewings of documentary cinema . Why documentary? In - the first, tempo of speech is rather acceptable here and will be suitable practically for everyone. In - the second, the announcer accurately says all terminations and does not lower any words. In - the third, in documentaries we hear the literary speech, that is such what it has to be ideally.

For a start it is necessary to learn to understand it, and already then to pass in more difficult things. For example, to viewing of art cinema where speed and quality of the speech already absolutely others - are eaten the terminations, many words fall, styles of the speech vary.

I would recommend to watch feature films with subtitlings. It will help not only to develop skills of audition, but also to learn many new lexical units. When there comes such day that to you it will not be important in what language to watch the movie, - on native or foreign - then it will be possible to speak about successful result of long work.

In conclusion I would like to tell that I also used such scheme of training when I conducted French language courses. The result, by itself, came not at once. It was required to be engaged in audition every day.

Duration of this sort of occupations plays very important role. It is that case when the longer, the better. If you liked a certain movie, revise it again. It will bring even bigger effect than if you looked at it everything times.

Successful training!