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As well as on what to save, ordering the website?

in the RuNet are created Every day tens of the new websites. Web - the industry, thanks to new events in IT - to the sphere and novelties of processing equipment, continues to develop actively. However in the market still there is no clear policy of pricing - if to leave the application for creation of the same website in different studios, the dispersion of the prices will be simply stunning.

Means of the customer why at all desire and opportunities it is impossible to make the good, effective website are how exactly spent is cheaper than three hundred thousand rubles? And on what the client can save, ordering the website?

Every day managers hear the same question from potential clients: “How much is to make at you the website?“ As shows experience, often the client does not wish to penetrate into specifics of development and remains extremely unsatisfied with the formulation “All depends on complexity of the project“.

Then we simply call the minimum cost which was in the history of department of development of Bureau, with a pretext “from“. The figure of 350 000 rubles frightens about 30% of potential clients, some even begin to be indignant - a pier, heard (told, precisely we know) that the website can be made in professional studio for 100 000-150 000 rubles.

It should be noted that the companies rather known in the branch are included in the list of these of 30%. Unfortunately, these clients not always have time and desire to understand why the professional product in the existing market conditions cannot cheaper cost in any way.

It is sure that similar dialogues sound almost in each studio therefore it would be desirable to dispel so widespread myth that the website can be made for 100 000 rubles.

The whole working group which professional level directly forms the cost of the ready website is engaged in production of the website. In a classical complete set the design group on creation of the website looks so:



an art - the director;


leading programmer;


project manager / tester.

the Price of the website consists of the sum of time of these people plus profit and costs. How the budget is distributed?

Before you approximate structure of distribution of the budget which can change, depending on specifics of the project. For example, if it is the Internet - shop, then on programming slightly more budget, than on design will leave and if to order promo - the website, then on the contrary - on design will leave much more.

If to take average studio in which the average cost of the website varies around 500 000 rubles then the budget will be distributed approximately as it is shown on the chart. At least 10% will leave on development of rather labor-consuming document under the name “specification“ - it is your future website on paper which is necessary for all participants of process of development.

Approximately the same sum is spent for management of the project. The most part of the budget will be distributed between design and programming depending on specifics of the project. In classical option on design about 20% of the budget whereas about 200 000 rubles spend for programming (statement of design and imposition on an adminka), proceeding from this budget, leave. And absolutely insignificant sums will remain on imposition and content - 10 000-20 000 rubles.

And if all - for 100 000? In this case you have to be ready to professional level a web - a product for which you pay.

What works it is possible to find room for 100 000 rub in the budget? Perhaps, only design and programming. TZ will hardly be written, imposition, most likely, will give on freelance, the leading programmer and the programmer will be presented in one person, the project manager should test the website. The budget will be distributed approximately as follows: 30 000 rubles - design, 40 000 rubles - programming, 10 000 rubles - management.

The economy in this case is doubtful. Lack of TZ is fraught with repeated failures to meet time constraints. The project manager will hardly manage to test the website completely. The designer not in forces to perform work an art - directors - to attract target audience and to define the purposes of its stay on the website, to predict commercial effectiveness of the website.

Thus, it is visible that in this case risks considerably exceed economy. The economy about 30% of average market value is more expedient . There are most painless ways:

1. Refuse unnecessary works: many companies fill the website with content, refuse some design - models and a portrayal, reduce program part. For example, if you need the simple website, and to you suggest to make difficult private offices, then it is better to refuse them in favor of economy.

2. The price of the website can be reduced due to reduction of time of reception of works. The huge number of time which could leave on development is spent for coordination of design. Cut down coordination time, and to you will quietly reduce the price - if you accept design with five changes, to you will throw off 30 - 40%.

Strangely enough, this opportunity even very economical customers seldom use. Often here the human factor plays a role - at us adore redrawing design under themselves, and it increases prime cost many times.