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Whether it is worth refusing driving of the car during pregnancy?

Pregnancy are the finest and memorable state for each woman. If the woman drives the car, then there is a natural question: to stop driving of the car, caring for the health and a condition of the kid, or it is possible to combine driving of the car and pregnancy without threat for health?

Each woman feels differently during this period. If you from those lucky women who perfectly transfer the “interesting“ situation also lead active lifestyle, despite everything, that it is possible to try to combine the car and pregnancy without special harm for the health.

If the woman has a vast experience of the driver, and she can easily and freely steer the car, then, naturally, it is possible and it is necessary to continue driving, having taken some security measures for itself and for future child. It is also necessary to pay attention to a physical condition of future mummy: if it has a good health and she does not feel fatigue, dizziness or nausea, then it is possible to drive the car safely. If you have no experience of driving or you not rather surely feel driving, then it is better to refuse driving of the car to avoid an excess stress.

Before making the decision on driving of the car during pregnancy, it is necessary to consult with the doctor: perhaps, your doctor will have some objections in this respect. Usually the doctor does not recommend to drive the car at toxicosis, the wrong provision of a fruit, muscular spasms, frequent faints. In that case it is necessary to listen, of course, to opinion of the attending physician.

Pregnancy in itself already introduces the amendments in behavior of the woman - it becomes more irritable, drowsiness gets tired, appears quicker. Therefore also the behavior driving needs to be corrected. Make maneuvers, overtakings less, do not exceed speed at all. You go only along those routes which for you are well familiar and will not bring unexpected surprises.

Pay especially close attention to your situation driving the car. You should not feel tension therefore it is worth experimenting with the provision of a chair and to choose for yourself the most convenient. It is also possible to enclose a small pillow under a back, it will help to remove stress too. Pay attention to a seat belt: it has to pass either over a stomach, or under it. It is possible to get the special elastic seat belt intended only for pregnant women for bigger comfort.

The automobile first-aid kit also has to be carefully checked and if necessary is added with drugs which can be accepted during pregnancy. For this purpose it is necessary to consult with the doctor too.

To avoid organism dehydration, in your car always there has to be fresh drinking water, it is also useful to have at itself a small amount of a light meal that the feeling of hunger did not find you at the most inappropriate moment.

At observance of some simple rules and recommendations it is possible to continue driving and during pregnancy. Good luck on roads!