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How to decorate a table and chairs? Preparation for the holiday

Birthday always comes unexpectedly. Always. And every year.

Having celebrated the next date, we do not manage to look back as new comes nearer. And still for all of us birthday - a favourite holiday, though a little sad.

On birthday we want to surprise, concern, please all audience at a table, well, or their most part. It would seem, to make it quite difficult if to consider that many of us got used to celebrate birthday houses. But for such “homebodies“ simple and at the same time original councils for decoration of a house interior will also approach a holiday.

For a start we will answer a question - that the most important on birthday? Of course, hero of the occasion, guests, congratulations and gifts. And still the table bursting with a food and chairs on which friends and the family in an anticipation of a cheerful feast will settle.

The fourchette skirts which will turn family celebration into the real banquet perfectly will be suitable for decoration of a table. It is possible to buy the fourchette skirt in specialized shop or to sew, and it is simple to make it. Those ladies who though once sewed to itself or the girlfriend a skirt of accordion pleats, will cope very quickly.

The fourchette skirt fastens to a table on flypapers or by means of clips. If you sew, then and a way of fixture choose the most convenient. Choosing the fourchette skirt for decoration of a table, do not forget that it has to approach under color of an interior of the room (the hall, a drawing room, the dining room). It is good if the skirt is combined with color of curtains, it will become excellent addition to the general style.

The fresh flowers which are skillfully collected in bouquets by professional florists or the hostess of the house who will think up original composition will become fine decoration of a table. Flowers, by tradition, can be put in a vase or to decorate with them dishes with allsorts or salads. Dressing by fresh or dried flowers of glasses will be the interesting course. A little glue is applied on a flower, the stalk fastens on a glass leg, and a bud about the neck, so that from it nevertheless it was convenient to drink.

Candles - one of the most popular table accessories. Candles create romantic or even intimate atmosphere, and therefore perfectly will be suitable for birthday “for two“. The composition from the candles different in the size and color, will create high spirits and diversifies even the most standard laying.

It is possible to decorate a table with pearls (if such is available), strings of beads, decorative stones, bugles. The handwork cloth with an embroidery or laces will become an excellent basis of a festive decor.

Chairs in all beauty. It would seem how it is possible to decorate such pieces of furniture, habitual for all?

In - the first, it is possible to put on the covers made by own hands or made-to-order chairs, to tie bows of one or different flowers, to create illusion of the real ball with its chic and luxury.

In - the second, it is possible to tie balloons in which placed notes with predictions in advance to chairs, and then traditional “sit-round gathering“ will turn into interesting game. Each guest learns now that he waits for him in the future.

It is easy to make a holiday unusual, the main thing - to want. What for this purpose is necessary? Only imagination!