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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 30 - on May 02? “A forcing 5“, “Torahs“, etc.

the Last week of April, 2011 is entirely assigned to large-scale Hollywood blockbusters which in proud loneliness will bring together cash desk in the Russian hire. It is about the fifth part of the racing franchize “Forcing 5“ and the marvelovsky comic book of “Torahs“.

Other four debutants will be shown at limited number of movie theaters therefore to you will strongly carry if you are able to get on a session of the last year`s victor of the Cannes Film Festival “The uncle Bunmi who remembers the antecedents“ or the best foreign movie of 2010 according to the Oscar, Danish “Revenge“. The Russian comedy “Hop - Stop“ and a tape of the French classic Claude Lelush last for today “Woman and men“ finish the list of film novelties. And now is more detailed:

1. “The forcing 5“ (Fast Five, 2011)

Racing film series about the bright guys loving speed and problems with the law started with an easy hand of the director Rob Cohen (“Three X“) in 2001 and since then cannot quietly leave a scene in any way. Take-off and falling pursued the franchize all road. At first the glory made conceited to Vin Diesel and for the presence at the sequel “Double Forcing“ (2003) he requested such money that producers decided to do without it. Then, in 2006 when the trequel which moved to streets of Tokyo from series came out also the second nominal hero performed by Paul Walker left.

To leave - to return. The doubtful success of two continuations urged on creators again to return to negotiations with original stars. Their salary for participation in the tape “Forcing 4“ (2009) is kept in secret, however the scheme worked, and the viewer is grateful poured out to a tape of long-awaited dollars. The next part if it is honest, nobody waited, but who will refuse easy money which this racing series continues to bring to the authors constantly?

In the fifth part of a picture we will be able to enjoy not only faces of “old men“ of the project - Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Tayriz Gibson and Jordana Brewster, but also to contemplate powerful opposition between the main characters and the new supercop whose image was embodied on the screen by incredibly charismatic Dwayne Johnson, it “Rock“. For the rest, the great marchioness, everything is good: effective girls, abrupt wheelbarrows, pursuits, explosions, firing and drive. It is not necessary to miss, unambiguously.

2. “Torahs“ (Thor, 2011)

the Comic book of the Marvel company in the homeland is called the capacious word “epik“ (epic - epic). No wonder, it is, as usual, about rescue of Earth from enemy grabby hands. For those who are not aware Torahs is Scandinavian god of a thunder and lightning, the senior sonny of Odin living in a fictional divine kingdom Asgard, tyukayushchiya of enemies a hammer and famous for the recklessness, recklessness and silishchy powerful.

On a picture plot, One (sir Anthony Hopkins) was tired to be at war with character of the son and sent that to exile for re-education. Where? By itself, to guilty Earth where Torahs gets acquainted with family of simple American citizens led by Natali Portman and rises in defense of peace people of Earth against the next supervillain with global aggressive thoughts.

If this history reminded you a plot of last year`s “Fight of titans“, then you are near from truth. It is necessary only to hope that the venerable Shakespearean scholar, British Kenneth of Bren, managed to keep from a temptation to slabat a tupogolovy boyevichok with special effects only for the sake of it. And the Marvel company usually very scrupulously treats screen versions of the comics, forcing actors and directors to give all the best to the full extent (“Iron Man“, “People - Ickx“, “Spiderman“). The tape will be presented at movie theaters, both in usual, and in a three-dimensional format.

3. “The uncle Bunmi who remembers the antecedents“ (Loong Boonmee raleuk chat, 2010)

the International project of Thai Apitchatponga Virasetakun at a last year`s Cannes Film Festival caused a storm of emotions, having deserved the first prize, “Golden Palm“. What is interesting, other festivals this picture if did not ignore, then treated this drama with mysticism elements very frostily. It is possible to see both a case, and regularity because the creation this is ambiguous and definitely directed to the audience conceiving “on diagonal“ in this fact.

Many film critics agreed in opinion that the past festival in Cannes was weak on great masterpieces therefore “Uncle Bunmi“, the movie, the first in the history of Thailand, surrounded with similar honor was selected not in itself, and against other participants of the competitive program. Nevertheless, truly east fairy tale without habitual east color which is skillfully connecting reality threads with mystical messages and strange images turns a standard visit of cinema into the real travel on waves of unbridled imaginations. The director, by the way, gathered an image of the person remembering the antecedents from the references based, in turn, on real events.

4. “Revenge“ (H? vnen, 2010)

One more victor, this time a March ceremony the Oscar, became datsko - the Swedish tape “Revenge“ to Susanna Bir. The heavy human drama about relationship of fathers and children in our wrong world was literally showered with numerous awards and awards, including for direction, the scenario and actor`s works. The plot of the movie narrates about the doctor who long worked in refugee camp on the African continent and returned home to Denmark where there live his wife and two minor sons. Having seen enough for operating time in intolerable conditions of everyone, the main character learned to constrain the anger and is an ardent opponent of any violence. Events take a bad turn when after its conflict with the local, children decide to revenge for the “flabby“ father by means of not so children`s toys.

Both “Uncle Bunmi“, and “Revenge“ will be broadcast by the companies of “Exhibitor“ and “Caravel of DDC“ in limited quantity of cinema halls. Besides them, among film novelties of this week there are two more “narrow“ debutants.

The Russian comedy “Hop - stop“ - about everyday life modern Robin of Goode. The street mugger Vasya (Pyotr Fedorov) fights against corruption and injustice on the area by own, well checked methods. The tape in style of the comedy of absurdity is removed, sated with musical and criminal baubles and pursues the good aim - according to the statement of authors, the part of collecting from hire of a tape will be directed to regional orphanages. By the way, also narrates “trailer“ of the movie in which there is no uniform shot from the creation of Pavel Bardin about it, but there is a lot of talk on how the viewer can help poor children. I ask not to see sarcasm because I consider similar approach worthy respect in my words. Another thing is that these actions all the same kill two hares, in passing advertizing the movie.

Finishes the list of novelties the romantic drama of Frenchman Claude Lelush “Woman and men“ (Ces amours - la) . Three times the divorced author of the cult melodrama “Man and Woman“ (1966) still investigates the nature of relationship of floors, filling female hearts with awe from a “life long“ next love story.

It is obvious that fight of fifth “Forcing“ and “Torah“ will be frying. Advantage of the first in recognizable heroes and habitual collisions, and also mad soundtrack. “Torahs“ will take 3D - the version and epicism of the narration. Audience at both movies - same so to conjure on the winner Wick - an enda we will not be especially as do not pay us for it. It is a pity only that rather good cinema, including winners of prestigious awards, pass in our hire almost imperceptibly, serving as a background for the Hollywood blockbusters.