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As always it is excellent to look in photos?

Each woman, examining fashionable glossy magazines, dreams to look also beautifully and faultlessly, as well as models on pages of these magazines.

Of course, not a secret that ideal appearance of models is a result of skilled work of stylists and image makers who spent many hours for laying, a make-up and selection of a dress. But all of you equally dream to look also dazzling, as well as they even if only in photos.

Situations when it is necessary are very unpleasant, being confused, to justify the unsuccessful photos with the bad foreshortening which is incorrectly picked up by a dress or improper lighting. But it is absolutely simple to correct it. In your forces to make so that your photos always reminded a portfolio of the model!

And it is for this purpose absolutely optional to spend many hours for preparation, laying and a make-up. Just adopt some secrets of the Hollywood stars. Remember broadcasts of various awards ceremonies - for example, an award ceremony of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences “Oscar“.

All stars on a red carpet pose for photographers in the same effective and beautiful pose. It is not result of hours-long trainings with choreographers and teachers of acting at all. You are able to repeat this pose too.

Put on shoes on heels, approach a big mirror where you will be visible to the utmost, make a small short step back and transfer body weight to a leg which costs behind. Now gracefully turn the case, and - voila! You are ready to photographing. At the same time, if on you a dress with a high section, do not forget from what party a section: it has to bare effectively a leg, but ugly not disperse on a supporting leg.

You remember one more small secret of professional photographers: do not face directly a chamber. Pictures a fullface when on a photo both ears are visible, always turn out much worse than if you a little turn the head aside or will slightly be developed by the case.

You should not pull on the person a false smile before a camera. Relax better, think of something pleasant or remember some cheerful history - let the faint natural smile will touch your lips. So your person will look naturally and attractively.

Try not to send the line of a direct look to a floor when you are photographed, - so on a photo at you the ugly double chin will turn out even if actually there is no hint also on that. Slightly raise the head and dart a glance a little up, then on a photo your eyes will seem more and more expressively.

And one more secret of beautiful photos I spotted at dancers. That on a photo to seem is more harmonous and higher, it is necessary just to stretch slightly the top to a ceiling. At the same time the direct beautiful bearing will help “to throw off“ visually a couple of extra kilos at least for the period of photographing, and on a photo you turn out much more gracefully.

Now, realizing the got advice at the scheduled photoshoot, you with pride will show to relatives and friends the good photos, on them you are always ideal!