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The reasons of an early gray hair


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

the Gray hair streaks of gray early premature the emergence reasons treatment to clean not to allow brings to prevent to delay prevention of property influences changes appearance spoils a look decorates to hide goes can accelerate to disappear silver ubelenny hoarfrost

of C Better hoarfrost on the head - than on heart.

kpv Conscience has to disturb the person stronger - than a gray hair.

in Living care of people thinks not of a whiteness of hair any more and, of that everyone had on a table white loaf.

d the Gray hair - one of signs of aging of the person.

z Hair after change several times in life the color, become colourless.

and Gray hair and old age - are harmonious.

and is abnormal both lack of a gray hair in old age - and its emergence in youth.

to the Gray hair - wisdom decorates, nonsense - emphasizes.

and people Hoary with age seem wise.

and the Gray hair, unfortunately is not wisdom yet.

and Wisdom does not come itself over the years as a gray hair - the person has to come to it.

and the Gray hair - causes respect and honoring.

pv It is necessary to live so life - that respected not only our gray hairs.

and At first the person dreams and wishes others to live up to gray hairs when it comes - mourns.

and From a gray hair blows as nobility.

and the Gray hair gives solidity.

and the Gray hair to many people goes.

and the Gray hair goes to men more.

and the Gray hair - ages.

and the Gray hair - the bodyguard.

and Silver of hair - decorates.

and the Gray hair - inspires trust.

and Than more significantly in human life love affairs - that emergence of a gray hair is more tragic.

and Men turn gray earlier. p the gray hair concerns the Egoist with


p If a gray hair comes in youth - something means in human life not so.

d Emergence of gray hairs - regularity. there is no

and For elimination of a gray hair of effective remedies. p it is much easier for

to prevent the Gray hair - than to cure.

p Prevention of a gray hair is a healthy lifestyle.

d can Delay emergence of a gray hair through strengthening of nervous system.

zd To a premature posedeniye, as well as baldness, is given by intense life with frequent experiences.

z abuse of drugs can Accelerate a posedeniye.

z the Early gray hair can appear from improper feeding.

d lead nervous stresses To a gray hair.

d Formation of a gray hair accelerate experiences.

z More frequent reason of a premature posedeniye - heredity.

z At sick people hair turn gray quicker.

z can be the Cause of a gray hair a metabolic disorder.

d From a severe stress it is possible to turn gray for very short term.

z can be the Cause of a gray hair violation of a hormonal background.

z Effect of a gray hair strengthens the sun.

and the young beauty can distract

From vital fatigue, a gray hair and grief - us.

and the Man most strongly is surprised in life - when he manages to try forces with the father when notices a gray hair and when feels that it is difficult for it to go.

z the Gray hair can disappear.

z Than appeared earlier a whiteness of hair - especially possibly that it can leave.

yu Streaks of gray - natural mellirovanny.

yu For convicted by the power that a gray hair that a bald head - all on advantage.

yu For the wise man a gray hair - natural recognition.

yu the Gray hair appears unexpectedly - suddenly.

yu the Gray hair appears not one - it come with understanding that parents were right.

yu are not afraid of the Gray hair bald. yu the Gray hair kills with

belief in disposal of the person of nonsense. yu the Gray hair helps to take

in loans.

yu the Gray hair - a signal that it is time to become reasonable.

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