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How not to get on tricks of thieves? Whether

Often happened that from you something was stolen? Is not present? Means, you were very lucky, of swindlers and pickpockets it is full at every turn.

Without having managed to depart from the ATM, anticipating the forthcoming purchase, you also do not notice that there is no purse any more. What to do? To shout “guard“? It is unlikely it will help now.

It is necessary just to undertake precautionary measures - what? Now we will tell.

Remember a number of rules to which it is necessary to adhere, and you will never be spent:

1. should be afraid of Suspicious people and dark lanes first of all. It is better to avoid, than then to be sorry.

2. Should not take out constantly a purse and to look in it. You would know as it draws attention!

3. To tipsy people directed special attention of thieves as it is absolutely easy mark. Do not walk about in such state on streets, it is better to get quicker home.

4. If to you someone clings or represents the acquaintance, we advise not to lose vigilance. So pickpockets distract attention.

5. In the crowded transport when all are closely pressed to each other, the purse is the simplest to extend at you. Therefore once again think - whether not to wait for the following? If all of you fell into such state, it is desirable to hide in advance more deeply it.

Often pickpockets work not on one. It can be the company of extortioners or steam of people: one distracts, the second steals. They will constantly try to push you, and then as though you very much are pleasant to them, to help.

As often thieves are those on whom never and would think. For example children, disabled people, women in situation. They are ready for everything to lull yours into a false sense of security: pretend to be weak or sick. Therefore it is not necessary to trust strangers.

Most often we make such mistakes :

1. we Put all money in one purse which even holds apart then. At payment of purchases (thieves very often track down the victim in shops) and we shine with their quantity. And it is “titbit“ for pilferers. It is the best of all to hide the main part of money in an inside pocket, and in a wallet to define money only for necessary expenditure.

2. we Put on the cell phone a neck. It is easy to break it not only in crowd, and and in poorly populated places. Robbers most often instantly disappear in such cases. Then to look for expensive toy it is useless as it is instantly pereproshivat.

3. is not recommended to Stuff money on pockets too. Perhaps, not all, but too will extend not the fact. It is especially dangerous to place money in trouser pockets from where they it is frequent even fall out. It seems, apparently, is closer to a body, and it is easy to feel that someone approaches them - but is not present, thieves do it so dexterously, as will not manage to blink an eye. It is better to make where - nibud a secret pocket. The benefit, modern jersey it allows.

4. we Put a purse in a package of purchase or it is even worse - we forget to zip in a handbag. It for the thief just furor. It is not necessary even to cut anything, all and so on a look, only take. But even if your bag is closed as it is necessary, all the same there is a risk to be left without purse. Therefore it is also necessary to carry it, pressing to itself more densely, and in the bus to put on knees.

5. Analogue of a handbag - a man purse - men not really like to take with themselves, and therefore often leave in the car on sitting on the right, and here to close a window not always guess. Therefore, distracted by conversation, having left for a while from the car, often are robed.

Even for decrease in risk it is possible not to cash the account, and to use a card, presently there are enough institutions with payment terminals.

And the most important - having at itself the decent sum, be always especially careful. Very much I hope that these councils will help you with life. Having learned some nuances you will be able freely to make purchases. And what would not happen to you it is not necessary to be upset!