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Types of voltage stabilizers

Voltage stabilizers can be classified on:

step proofreaders of tension (stabilizers with step regulation) ferrorezonansny

stabilizers electromechanical stabilizers with the

electric drive stabilizers with a podmagnichivaniye of the

transformer of system with double transformation of energy

high-frequency transistor regulators (stabilizers with discrete VCh regulation)

Voltage stabilizers with step regulation present to

the widest class of the devices providing maintenance of output tension with a certain accuracy. The principle of stabilization is based on automatic switching (switching) of sections (windings) of the autotransformer (or the transformer) by means of power keys (the relay, tiristor, simistor). Step voltage stabilizers found the greatest distribution in the market of stabilizers.



the wide range of the entrance tension

a possibility of work when idling

lack of distortion of a sinusoidalnost of a form of the output tension

the efficiency

high value Shortcomings:

the step change of output tension limiting the accuracy of stabilization

Ferrorezonansny stabilizers are constructed on the basis of use of effect of a ferroresonance of tension in a contour the &ndash transformer; the condenser, the output tension providing continuous regulation in certain limits of change of loading. Now find limited application from - for a number of shortcomings.


high speed

big resource of work


high level of noise during the operation of the stabilizer;

distortion of a form of entrance tension;

inadmissibility of work in the modes of idling and at overloads;

dependence of output tension on frequency, power line;

efficiency low value.

Electromechanical voltage stabilizers represent the watching system with use of the electric motor, autotransformer and control system of the engine. Such stabilizers allow to regulate continuously and smoothly output tension without distortion of a sinusoidal form.


high precision of regulation;

lack of hindrances;

high reloading ability;

wide range of regulation.


low speed;

a limited resource of service at existence of the requirement for carrying out periodic scheduled works;

the existence of the open sliding electric contact limiting use environment.

Voltage stabilizers with a podmagnichivaniye of the transformer are based on compensation of change of tension of a network by regulation of coefficient of transformation at the expense of a local podmagnichivaniye of cores of autotransformers with specially executed magnetic conductor and system of windings. Podmagnichivaniye is carried out by means of the thyristor regulator. Such stabilizers are characterized by high reloading abilities, but have the limited range of regulation and the increased coefficient of distortion of a sinusoidal form of output tension in comparison with step proofreaders of tension.

Voltage stabilizers with double transformation of energy contain the rectifier and the transistor inverter about ShIM management providing stable sinusoidal tension with a frequency of 50 Hz.



wide range of entrance tension;

a possibility of work when idling;

suppression of high-voltage impulses and high-frequency hindrances;

sinusoidal form of output tension.


efficiency low value.