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Why the beginning summer residents are mistaken?

the Beginning summer resident as any neophyte, makes a set of mistakes. Generally, it does not matter - how many we still will make them, having even become experienced fazendovladelets! One but: at the dacha we waste not only time and money. We put experiments on - live: on living people (and members of household), live plants, the live earth. Of course, all of us will survive, life once again will win against death in “the way unknown to science“. But it is a pity!

So, on my supervision, all set of mistakes can be reduced to two. And even to one strategic oshibishche in which two parties are traced:

1. Lack of planning.

2. Surplus of planning.

Here they, different sides of the same coin. (The medal is handed to winners - “For a strategichnost“, and it is equal also to fallen).

The payment for insufficient planning - is a lot of excess work. Or necessary, but not there and at the wrong time, and all the same it should be remade. Lack of the plan are chaotic landings, any “selection“ of plants without their needs for conditions and ours - in a harvest. These are eternal changes from which many long-term cultures so suffer.

Pritknuty anywhere, roots did not dry up yet, the apple-tree appears in a penumbra of a shed or a fence and rushes up, to the sun - or withers, without getting accustomed plainly. Lovingly the prepared bed “suddenly“ prevents journey or pass. On too narrow paths there does not pass the wheelbarrow. The chaotic arrangement of landings forces the gardener to run really marathon distances, prevents to stretch a hose for watering. Zelenny vegetables to which there was a town somewhere in the distance at the last minute fade, without having got on our kitchen, - laziness to go, about them forgot.

And as many mistakes are made from - for underestimation of features of the site or an inattention to them! Orientation on parts of the world, proximity of water and the wood, structure of the soil, primary winds in the summer and in the winter, even height and proximity of constructions and trees at neighbors - all this needs to be considered. And for this purpose - it is good to study the piece of the earth, and not only according to documents, but first of all alive. Ideally - at various times years. And at breakdown of a garden - a kitchen garden, and at construction of the house and other constructions it is necessary to know in what party the bias where water accumulates and will sweep together snow. Otherwise it is necessary to dig out an entrance door twice more vigorous than the neighbor - the strategist.

Less obvious thing - surplus of planning. It happens with very keen and accurate idealists - neophytes who resolved not to waste winter months, and to enter spring with the detailed plan of a svezhekuplenny site. Mountains of literature are read, the colourful list of the “chosen“ plants is made (them several honeycombs there - and as, they such attractive). And here the plan is ready. It is ideal. In it the correct place is allocated to each bush, each travinochka. In total 6, 12, 20 (further everywhere) hundred parts are worked and licked … on paper.

And already several tens saplings of the diverse cultures are ordered in the best nursery. Having turned the car into a huge green cart, the neophyte comes to the manor - and sees the earth there. Usual. Nonideal. Not so similar to a leaf of a notebook in a section, where it as the commander, built the toy troops. On it there are hillocks and ruts, dichka and mad young growth from a neighbour`s sea-buckthorn. Or perhaps it is in general a virgin soil - a dernina as armor. And all these 6, 20 or how many there hundred parts the owner wishes to change immediately! What it, in vain planned, perhaps? Here, clearly it is visible: to the right a rosary, on the left an orchard, and behind it an arbor on a lawn. And a green hedge on all perimeter.

I remember how I for the first time designed such fence. And as then long stood with a shovel and looked afar where the line of border of a site which at that moment seemed to me terribly long ran away. Along it it was supposed to dig a trench … It would seem in what trouble? Well, it is possible not to dig a trench. Yes, perhaps, that the newly appeared master of paper planning really does not know what to do to it here with this here the earth specifically now. Despite the ideal plan.

The word “ideal“ just also brings us to problem sources. It is our ineradicable idealism - and greed. The same ineradicable. Or, that it was not offensive, manilovism and a plyushkovshchina. From greed we stick saplings with density of carrot, and we put beds on so many hundred parts as if intended to support the whole regiment. Moreover and at neighbors of unnecessary seedling ponabery - free of charge got. And in fine idealism we hope that everything at us will turn out. But what to do that really it turned out? To plan or not?

Of course to plan! Where without plan? Only there has to be it not static, but dynamic. We need the action plan. Forward plan of stage-by-stage development of a site, but not the stiff picture of speculative idea of giving. And it surely has to be okhvatny, lifting and flexible. For this purpose it is necessary to learn to place priorities and to switch quickly from what does not go or it was unrealistic, on new, more practical and available at present.

And, above all, the plan has to be strategichny. We get giving not for a year, not on two and not on five. We, as a rule, plan lifelong cohabitation to this complex of live organisms and substances. And the mistake of “reschedulers“ also consists in it - they do not look rather far forward, having entirely concentrated on the momentary representations, requirements and tastes.

You change, giving changes. Lovingly the dubochka grown from acorns will be shot up and will become the reason of war between you and the neigbour (a true-life story!) saplings will expand and give a shadow, children - to grow and lose interest in giving. And then, perhaps, again to test it and to come willingly to the parental house - the house, but not a hibarka with bandy-legged stools and agricultural stock to which you were limited not so much from - for shortages of money how many “in fight during a harvest“.

Strategic planning allows to see a situation not only in dynamics, but also in interrelation of a set of factors. As an example we will mention one of the major factors - water. If the site often suffers from remoistening (for example, when flooding from thawed snow or after a heavy rain), people often undertake works on water drainage expensive (in every sense). The total drainage system is wrapped in the gloomy party during the periods of a long drought. It is necessary to water - and to water much, everything was specially made in order that water was not late!

Meanwhile water - the most valuable asset, it should be not thrown out, and to order - to direct there where it is necessary and not to let there where it should not be. It is already one of aspects of a permakultura which deserves separate conversation. Now we raised the question of water to illustrate need of comprehensive planning. Its principle: we look more widely, we think strategically, we do not lose behind wood trees.

I we do not put most important tasks! Giving - not the place for records. It is “only“ your small piece the homeland.