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Legends and myths of modern Egypt. Whether it is worth breaking bans and to bathe at night?

Continuing a subject about delusions of tourists concerning safety and usefulness of the most popular entertainments and adventures in Egypt, I would like to tell about not the best time for bathing and about danger of beautiful small fishes of the Red Sea.

of Bathing under the moon

For some reason many tourists are sure by

that night bathings in the pool or in the sea are very useful and romantic, and cautions of guides and personnel of hotel about it - just malignancy.

We will talk about pools. Water in them is changed time in several years, respectively, to avoid mass reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms for which warm water - a home, water in the pool is cleaned. Every evening after sunset to the pool add a lethal dose of the disinfecting preparations and special chemically active agents capable to stick together the dust which flew in water. At night water is filtered, the remains of bleaching powder evaporate in the natural way, and to float in water already safely in the morning.

What happens to skin of the tourist, zanyrnuvshy to the pool after a sunset? Correctly, chemical burn or allergy. If the tourist dived more deeply, then he has chances to get burn of a mucous membrane of the top airways. And if water gets into a stomach, then the tourist should sit all next day embracing a toilet bowl.

In the sea the personnel of hotel do not fill any toxic agents, but it is forbidden to bathe after sunset there too. It is connected with the fact that the tourist in the sea after a decline is trapped by terrible troubles.

Trouble the first - sea hedgehogs. These lovely creatures prefer to be grazed at a depth in the afternoon, and here by the evening get out to shoal, is closer to the coast. In the dark the tourist of a sea hedgehog will not see, but can incidentally come or touch on it with a leg. Hedgehogs are children prickly, and krasnomorsky hedgehogs are equipped with very thin and sharp needles which are capable to get into soft tissues of the offender deeply. It is back almost impossible to get them, needles very long and fragile, it is necessary only to wait - few weeks. During this time needles resolve in a body, but process this painful. Besides, danger of abscess is rather big.

Of course, flippers or special bathing footwear reduce risk to be hit a needle in a heel, but do not eliminate it completely and furthermore do not protect from other troubles.

Trouble the second - corals. They are very beautiful, but it is not visible at their night. For this reason the tourist, bathing under the moon, has chance to be wounded strongly about keen edges of coral reeves. If to remember that “situations of deliberate risk“ are not insured event, then the tourist will independently pay treatment of consequences of night bathings, insurance companies have full authority to refuse the health insurance.

Trouble the third - predators woke up. the Red Sea is so densely inhabited by various live organisms that they should live in two changes. The most beautiful and most harmless sea inhabitants walk in the afternoon and sleep at night, and here predators have a night shift. The tourists who are safely making night heats will not be able to see approach of a monster, and the monster - that just sees perfectly at night. Especially as in the afternoon it fell down and got hungry. Not necessarily night predators will apprehend the tourist as a full-fledged breakfast, but can attack, or wound with sharp teeth, poisonous fins or thorns.

would be time to feed small fishes

the Personnel of hotels working at the beach usually in a soft form explain to tourists that fishes on the beach are forbidden to be fed. The tourist is usually sure that this next tediousness which main objective - to spoil good rest. And diligently stuffs the rolls which remained from a breakfast into pockets.

For the majority of the fishes living in the Red Sea, bread - too soft food, and in intestines it turns into viscous mix. Yes, the small fish after feeding by bread has a lock, to give an enema there is nobody therefore the small fish dies. The few tourists guess it, and even those who know that the grain diet is not useful to beautiful small fishes, not strongly about it worry. The main thing - to derive pleasure from entertainment.

But to you it is worth to remember that a stir of small small fishes around a feeding trough is caused by interest at fishes of larger breeds. And here near the beach all predators equipped with teeth, poisonous or just very sharp thorns already frolic. And the happy tourist goes to swim with a mask.

Why in the sea is better not to touch anything

Even toothy predators and poisonous corals extremely seldom will begin first to attack the tourist, they have cares. But when they will suspect that the tourist to them prevents to live, can attack. Of course, corals will not begin to chase people if not to touch them. And even if to touch, then will not chase but only will let out poison from strekatelny cages. More mobile live organisms are less predictable. They can bite, scratch, let out poison, some are spat by poisonous thorns. The damage rate of a human body will depend on his luck.

Unfortunately if at night on the beach or some tourist swims in the pool, then it is safely possible to address it in Russian. Most likely, it will be the only language which he knows. Perhaps, it is connected with total mistrust to any instructions and desire to make surely on the contrary if something is forbidden.

But sometimes does not prevent to reflect at first what reason of this or that ban, and to keep itself.