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Legends and myths of modern Egypt. Whether everything the Egyptian souvenirs are equally useful?

From trips it is accepted to bring different souvenirs and gifts for friends and the family. Besides, for many shopping during holiday - an integral part of good rest. In the Egyptian resorts tourists sometimes are simply forced to beat off persons interested to sell them some superunnecessary souvenir literally. If to importunity of sellers to add extremely poor quality of goods, then it will become clear that Egypt - not the best place for shopping.

Nevertheless, the Egyptian dealers in souvenirs prosper. Whether but all souvenirs from Egypt are equally useful?

The souvenir is lovely, not really expensive knickknack which main objective - to remind of pleasant days of rest. You should not expect practical advantage of souvenirs. Offensively happens when the quantity of the money spent for a knickknack are, more, than it is worth really it.

the Hookah (shish)

In Egypt smoking of a hookah - one of national traditions, but for us is exotic. Therefore curious tourists with pleasure buy overseas toys that, having come back home to organize a party with decumbency on pillows and a raskurivaniye of “tobacco“ of unknown structure through meter height the exotic device.

Trouble the first: sell to tourists in Egypt not the real shish, but Chinese, poor quality souvenirs which main problem that they are untight and from - for it are not suitable for use.

Trouble the second: these fakes almost always sell to tourists at the price of the real, qualitative products.

Trouble the third: the composition of tobacco for a hookah is quite often unknown even to sellers, - that they will not begin to smoke it.

Aromatic oils

to Measure “by eye“ structure a miracle - oils can not everything therefore 90% of what is sold to tourists at the space prices - it is liquid paraffin with small addition of a fragrance not always of a natural origin. Respectively, it is just a souvenir which is undesirable for using. Let costs in a beautiful jar and becomes dusty on a shelf, other applications for it cannot be. Cartouches

On sarcophagi and coffins of Pharaohs archeologists often found

peculiar seals of an oval form in which hieroglyphs wrote a name of the owner of a coffin. Enterprising Egyptians, playing on love of tourists to exotic, quite often suggest to buy a “gold“ or “silver“ plate in the form of such press where the name of the tourist written by hieroglyphs will be engraved.

In - the first, percentage of precious metals in these products not always corresponds to advertizing.

In - the second, the advantage of such amulet is very doubtful. It is known that ghosts come to those who trust in them therefore to the people sensitive to the otherworldly phenomena, it is not necessary to get “seal of death“ with the name.

By the way, Egyptians treat ghosts with respect and will never put on such souvenir themselves.


Egyptians love gold and silver, the master - jewelers are capable to create surprising beauty of a work of art. Only to the tourist to find such masterpiece it is unreal. Cheap consumer goods, it is frequent from alloys of very poor quality is what the tourist with ease will be able to get for big money.

By the way, once again about ghosts. Egyptians consider that Nefertiti`s images bring failure in private life, but as tourists are greedy for exotic and are a little familiar with local ghosts why and not to sell them such souvenir.

Bad diseases

This part of the story concerns more girls and women who decide on holiday romances.

Most of Egyptians very believing people also are negative to illegitimate communications extremely. I understand that for those who had a rest in Egypt this phrase sounds wildly, but I will try to explain.

Imagine the person who never was in Russia. And it incidentally gets to the Kazan station in Moscow where spends a couple of hours then angels carry away it back home. If to tell such person that people in Russia are rich, educated, cultural, then he will answer: “I saw with own eyes, what they!“ It is in the same way wrong to

to judge Egypt and Egyptians in resort places.

Now imagine if the Russian girl, having appeared at the Kazan station, strongly would like sex whether she began to look for the partner among the living beings living in this place. Or all - would think that she can be robbed, robbed and awarded with all infection.

Having a rest on the Red Sea, it is not necessary to be under a delusion. Money and health it is not less chances to lose jewelry, there, than at the Kazan station, just it is not so obvious.

Souvenirs first of all have to give joy and pleasure from the money which is voluntarily spent for the whims. Therefore in Egypt it is necessary to treat acquisition of souvenirs especially carefully not to pay too high price for unnecessary things.

Be continued.