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Heckler & Koch Mk 23 Mod 0. Why the American marines are armed with the German gun?

Because so ordered them. Administration … But give about everything one after another.

Good gun Beretta 92. Exact, convenient, beautiful it is also unified according to all standards of NATO. That`s it for unification and cut in expenditure 92 - I Beretta got, except usual military units, and to divisions of marines, elite from elite of the American armed forces.

Marines stand on the side, they begin almost any military special operation. And specifics of service of the American marines revealed a set of shortcomings which were passed by the military commission, employing ““ the gun Beretta 92.

In - the first, an open trunk of the gun Beretta 92. In dry air this benefit, a trunk is quickly cooled and allows to conduct uninterrupted fire, without thinking of need of its cooling. But in sea (the damp, impregnated with salt air) it is a shortcoming. Sea salt, drying outside of and in a trunk and in the gun mechanism, begins to corrode metal quickly. Well, for Naval Forces of the USA it was necessary or other gun, or too often it was necessary to change already being armed.

In - the second. The gun Beretta 92 initially was not intended for work with the muffler. As engineers what designs were tested were perverted, cotton at a shot from Beretta 92 was too loud.

There were also other shortcomings - for example, shock influence 9 - bullet mm on the person protected by modern means of an individual armored protection, quite weak, and for defeat of the enemy fighter equipped state-of-the-art more powerful “trunk“ is necessary.

And here in 1994 US Special Operations Command (Command of Special Operations of the USA of Sil - US SOCOM) announced a competition on creation of the new short-barreled weapon, mainly for naval forces of a special purpose. The gun of the increased power of a shot has to occupy a tactical niche between the gun Beretta 92 and a standard automatic carbine of M4.

The gun had to include shop, a minimum on 12 charges, the muffler, laser and infrared tseleukazatel, a tactical lamp of illumination and that all this did not reduce firing accuracy at distance of at least 50 m. The trunk has to maintain at least 2000 shots in hostile marine air environment and over 6000 in the usual air environment without loss of accuracy.

Survivability of a trunk - not less than 30 thousand shots. The gun has to win against primary weapon (an automatic assault rifle) fight at a short distance to 50 m. Practically the fighter armed with only one of this gun (with a sufficient ammunition), has to get the winner out of any situation. Leisure American journalists right there with humour called this supergan project (superweapon).

By data from open sources, about 30 samples of the weapon were tested. Practically at the first stage of tests two weapon firms - the American “Colt“ and German “Heckler & Koch“ which presented very similar samples of the weapon were in the lead. In the fall of 1995 of SOCOM stopped the choice on the Heckler & Koch USP model which already passed severe tests within the German military program “The Gun - 90“. The prototype was remade under requirements of the American military commission. After tests the gun will receive the official name “Mark 23 Model 0 US SOCOM Pistol“ or, less officially, Heckler & Koch Mk23 Mod 0.

So, Mk23 Mod 0. Big, beautiful, the largest “national American“ caliber for automatic guns. 45 ACP (11,43 / 23 mm).

Automatic equipment of the gun Mk23 mod 0 works according to the scheme of return of a trunk with the short course. Locking is made by a trunk distortion, as in the gun Colt 1911. Unlike the classical scheme applied in the gun Colt 1911 more progressive was applied, significantly reducing return, called “the Browning - Peter“. For more exact firing and smaller influence on balancing of the weapon of all “weather-cloth“ (the muffler, a laser tseleukazatel, a tactical lamp etc.) the weapon trunk, in comparison with a prototype, considerably was extended. The part of a barrel was made the speaker, with special cutting for use of the regular muffler. For putting on of other “weather-cloth“ special “rails“ under a trunk are made.

The two-row shop contains 12 cartridges. The lock stop lever convenient for removal by a thumb of the right hand, is on the left side of a frame. The thought-over balance, a convenient tilt angle and a special rubber-like covering of the handle do deduction of the heavy gun steady even in a wet hand. The trigger bracket is increased and allows to shoot comfortably even in thick fur or neoprene gloves (in a suit for scuba diving). The casing - a lock is made of corrosion-proof is lame - molybdenic steel, all external surfaces for additional protection against hostile environment are subjected to nitriding and oxidized.

Also requirements on military officials for safety were considered, the gun has several safety locks.

A sight - constant or adjustable, with white plastic inserts or the tritiyevy glowing points for firing in the dark. Aim devices are lifted rather highly that the attached muffler did not block the line of an aiming. The trunk, shop and a cartridge chamber is executed so that to allow use of cartridges of different producers with different types of bullets. The store latch and a form of shop are made in such a way that on a gun recharge at correctly trained fighter exactly one second leaves.

The removable muffler reduces shot sound level to the silent level. Installation of the muffler practically does not break balancing of the weapon. The laser tseleukazatel and other “weather-cloth“ easily is put on and removed.

The gun can compete as equals to AK - 74 and M4 at distance to 50 meters.

Taktiko - technical characteristics of HK Mk23 Mod 0:

Boss:. 45 ACP;

Full length: 245 mm, with the muffler of 421 mm;

trunk Length: 149 mm;

Weight: 1210, with the muffler and the equipped shop of 1920;

Capacity of shop: 12 cartridges.

(Source: Wikipedia ) the Gun is employed by

““ in 1996, but it turned out such bulky that disputes on its expediency in sea special forces continue still. In a full configuration (the put-on muffler and an integrated tseleukazatel with a tactical lamp) the gun weighs more than 2 - x kg.

It is possible to operate such “silly woman“ only two hands that it is very inconvenient from - for huge the protective bracket protecting a trigger. Training of the fighter in sure knowledge of such weapon demands too much practical training. The gun HK Mk23 Mod 0 has practically no advantages in front of small submachine guns.

So, summary. From the estimated convenient, powerful and practical gun Heckler & Koch Mk23 Mod 0 it turned out some silly monster.

Yes, money for its development and purchase is spent. Yes, the gun completely conforms to quite inconsistent requirements of military officials, but is very badly adapted for practical military operations.

As in that joke: “The giraffe is the horse made taking into account all requirements of the customer“. The giraffe, of course, is beautiful and exotic, but try to jump long on a giraffe … Yes, in “the photos which are officially allowed“ on a hip of the marine in the full calculation practically there is always a trunk “official“, but there are mentions that during real military operations marines use absolutely other short barreled gun.

Usually it is Heckler & Koch P9s (9 mm), Colt 1911 or Heckler & Koch USP45CT Compact Tactical (caliber of 11,43 mm) which Mk23 Mod 0 is much shorter, easier and more convenient.