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SMS: the short-message service of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

of SMS a short-message service of a sms of the SMS means to children

an exchange to send will make to write to compose better to send conveniently for advantage advantage to use deception

of kV As SMS is short - without his soul adequately not to fill.

pv That from the speech that from the letter of highly moral people - blows as heat and philanthrophy.

d SMS - the message helps to overcome shyness and constraint.

d SMS disturbs less and interferes in life, than a call.

and Behind services of a short-message service - hide taciturn persons.

d is favorable to use Services SMS that - who hardly to find words.

to SMS - is wiser than conversation.

z SMS - is more comprehended.

d SMS unlike conversation can be edited and even to decide not to send. it is more difficult to use

and Sms, than to speak by phone.

and In communication through SMS - is less than clarity, than through negotiations.

z In communication through SMS - is more difficult to avoid misunderstanding, than through conversation. d In communication through SMS - it is more difficult for

to reach understanding, than through voice communication.

from the Sms need more guesses which in conversation can be disseminated questions.

d a vital rhythm breaks the Exchange of sms less, than phone conversations.

and Sms cause smaller nervousness, than negotiations.

in the Dishonest person is better to communicate through a short-message service - easier to fabricate lie and to coordinate it to previous.

and Sms hide feelings.

d Sms - are not so persuasive as calls.

p SMS does not develop efficiency in the speech.

and On writing of the text in a sms leaves more time, than on its scoring during telephone conversation.

and the Sms can be sent to phone occupied with conversation.

and the Sms can be sent even to phone which is switched off or being out of a network area of coverage.

and Through the sent sms on phone which is switched off or being out of a network area of coverage it is possible to define time of the beginning of renewal of its reception through the notice of its receiving.

z the Sms can be sent from the Internet and other networks.

and SMS is unattractive restriction of the text, and their segmentation - inconvenience of reading.

in Restriction of the text in SMS on volume - develops brevity.

z loads with SMS a telephone network, than negotiations significantly less.

and the SMS use weak in the speech.

and the Sms is usually more economic than a call.

and On sms of the person can push modesty.

and Sms unlike negotiations do not break silence.

and Sms can be transferred imperceptibly under the guise of other operations which are provided with phone.

from Any abstruse SMS will not replace a fascinating voice of darling, a voice timbre - one of the main reasons of emergence of love.

to SMS and laziness - are incompatible.

and Reading of SMS - messages unlike the answer to a call can be postponed.

and the Short-message service is convenient for the people who are periodically occupied with important issues.

p Busy persons, with bad memory the received sms look through them often with lateness, and even forget to read - they having, as a rule, postponed affairs for a call, nevertheless answer.

and Sending sms is inconvenient for people with limited sight.

and SMS - can send the message unlike a call, without thinking of relevance of time of day and the vital schedule of that with whom communication is necessary.

and Well helps out SMS when the person is inaccessible for a voice communication.

and If the person is inaccessible for a voice communication, a sms will inform him earlier, than the next attempt will phone, at the same time there is less concern, it is not necessary to keep need of information transfer in memory.

p SMS is good for transfer of memorable information.

and People often send sms if you want that their words were re-read repeatedly.

z SMS can be kept, record of negotiations is forbidden by the law.
and SMS remains automatically, record of negotiations should be organized.

and SMS - is less than trust.

and SMS - also not the owner of phone can send the message.

in the Short-message service generates a new form of fraud.

with the Speculator faces the choice or to risk, hoping for the law and the fact that his speech will not be written down or to use SMS.

and to the Psychologist is easier to influence the person through telephone conversation - than SMS - the message.

z SMS generated illegal marketing mailing of messages without prior consent with owners of phones.

p Not only is illegal, but also not decently to send to SMS - messages to the one who did not provide you number of the phone.

p Dishonest nonsense tries to subtilize through SMS, wisdom - to extend on itself both parties of telephone conversation.

and the Short-message service allows to tear off a flow of information, without having offended the subscriber.

and SMS helps to avoid dialogue.

and SMS relieves of undesirable questions.

and Sms unlike a call, often use for less persuasive reminder on themselves.

yu the Sms is similar to a flirtovshchitsa - and wants to pay attention to show no sign.

yu the SMS - for slowcoaches.

yu For quick-tempered people of the SMS - just a find.

yu Through SMS will easier speak only in love.

yu SMS was thought up by those - who wanted to hide the shame and deception. yu Talkers communication through SMS - hate


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