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How to increase profitability of an institution by means of interior decisions? You know

how cunning Chinese restaurateurs manage to lift profitability of the institutions, having left competitors far behind? By means of toilet bowls.

Restaurants of toilet subject - the widespread phenomenon in China. In so unusual institution clients sit on the chairs imitating toilet bowls, and the food moves in pass - a bidet, toilet bowls, pots. Instead of napkins and towels use toilet paper.

Funny? But the main thing - this idea was madly profitable . Regular customers very much love these institutions. And the most important: the institution has no competitors!

If you open a new institution in the sphere of HoReCa (cafe, a casino, night club or restaurant), but at the same time have no sufficient experience, then can face the following problems:

Strongly expensive materials and long terms of their delivery can bury alive your arising business.

the Interior or a facade of your institution can be too good in order that the person came into it and ordered something or bought.

the Sign or a show-window of your institution can be unclear or uninteresting for your potential clients.

Trying it is simple to follow current trends, you can receive a one-egg interior - the twin of the direct competitors.

any visitor will not come Into the opening day to you.

the Quantity of a casino, cafe, shops and restaurants in the large city just blows the mind. To stand in competitive fight and to achieve success, it is important to think of creation of the correct concept of future institution seriously.

To avoid these problems, you need to know that your interior is the person of your institution. The purpose of any interior where work, sell and serve - to make profit, but not just to be nice or to impress. Each trifle has to work for you, attracting visitors and convincing them to make a purchase or the order.

The interior can and has to sell, and even better than any of your sellers. As it is possible: merchandising - an example of a combination of marketing and an esthetics, without it it is already impossible to present modern trade, however it more concerns the calculation of goods. It is also possible to tell much about importance of show-windows and signs, but their task - only to draw attention, to force the buyer to step over a threshold.

If to solve problems more on a substantial scale, everything is reached due to competent performance of the trifles and details hidden from an unsophisticated look of consumers, but working as the scenario of a good computer game where the decision is made by the main character, but result always same: sale.

If development of the concept and design of restaurant, cafe, bar, night club is carried out correctly, then the client not only will order more, than planned, but also will want to return to you again, to tell about you to the relatives. And it is, as we know, the most effective advertizing.

Marketing (strategy of involvement of the client) plus design (registration) - equally in growth of sales. Here to you the simple decision which you can try right now and see real, notable result:

1. Define the place most through passage near your institution, 100 meters are not farther, it is desirable with the good review from all directions.

2. Think: who is he, your client? For whom you always wait in the institution? What his requirements, his fears, his desires? How often it goes in the place chosen by you? What most pressing problem at it which only you can solve? What special is in that solution which is offered by you?

3. Establish the advertizing, information plate (pavement sign) with the text which will draw attention of your potential client.

The text has to be written on this formula:

It is reminded of a problem or we reveal requirement.

It is shown the necessary and main simple decision.

we Give simple algorithm to action.

For example: “Got hungry? At us the hot complex lunch, for only 189 rubles is already ready! Pass 30 meters forward“ or “You look for a gift on on March 8 ? Flowers - it is banal? Try a romantic dinner! Come into an arch on the left and reserve a table in advance“...

Your pavement sign has to work as a good banner at the popular website (bright, original, beautiful) which and there is a wish to click. Execute these three simple steps, and the result will not keep itself waiting!

It is a simple example, however a range of questions which has to be solved at an initial stage of creation of an interior - much more widely just design and architectural. It turns out that creation of an interior submits to many laws of marketing, psychology, economy. And it is far not only to laws of beauty, style or even the fan - Shuya.

So, for example, each person, for some internal reasons prefers to turn in the direction of travel to the right or on the left. The calculation of goods strongly depends on it. To the owner it is important that the client passed by expensive goods. In one cases bright light will attract, in others - to frighten off. When all these nuances are considered - they cool work for increase of the bank account of the owner of business.

Therefore before starting design and creation of sketches for public interiors, it is necessary to conduct market researches. And here first of all it is necessary to go not what is wanted by you as the customer of an interior, and from what wants and what the target audience waits from an institution (interior) for.

The Target Audience (TA) is those people who will come to you to cafe, restaurant, shop and will leave the money there. These are people for the sake of whose desires you create the business. is farther than

A, based on the carried-out analysis, we decide what will be positioning in the market and the main difference from competitors. As will perceive your institution target audience that has to attract it (the prices, service, surroundings, a format, personnel etc.) ...

We decide on idea and forward: considering all features of psychology of the buyer, we begin design. At first developing various planning solutions, correctly we zone all space. Considering the movement of the client, we place the composite centers (elements which will attract and cause the necessary impressions in the client). Of course, in detail you will not describe all process, in each stage there are reefs.

Briefly the sequence on creation of an interior which will sell looks so:

1. We define and we study target audience.

2. We choose positioning, we stipulate the budget, according to idea of target audience of future institution (too expensive institution can frighten off the necessary client and vice versa).

3. We form the concept of an institution (we create unique “counter“ in the market which will allow to be distinguished from competitors).

4. We define a planning solution, we plan ways of movement of clients and the place of attraction of their attention.

5. We carry out design - the project with a detailed set of drawings for construction crew.

6. We begin repair, at the same time we carry out author`s monitoring, we select finishing materials and accessories, proceeding from the planned budget.

7. Selection and preparation of personnel, development of the original menu for an institution.

8. We plan strategy of informing and attraction of target audience in a new institution, and also we make the plan of further interaction with it (actions, discounts, bonuses).

9. We realize grandiose opening with the corresponding registration.

Such sequence of actions will lead you to the treasured purpose. And having excluded at least one point, you risk to untwist very long the object, infinitely doing it injections of advertizing.