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Happiness bigger exists, than to be without measure on the Internet?

Having got to the World wide web, be protected from injection of the paralyzing poison of the Spider (Internet), do not fall its victim, otherwise you will be gobbled up by it with giblets. Quantity the Internet - users will pass

for 2 000 000 000 soon. It is nearly a third of the population of Earth. It is progress, spirit of the times, need, dependence or accident? Or perhaps there is nothing terrible in it?

Almost everyone, having computer or the mobile phone, becomes the Internet sooner or later - the user. At first sight, appeal and usefulness of the World wide web does not raise doubts, probably, therefore there are a lot of users. The dream of mankind of free access to various information, communication, training, purchase of goods, services and realization of the numerous requirements, seemingly, comes true. The mass of opportunities - it is indisputable. But whether in it trouble which creeps to the majority of us too quickly what cannot just seem imperceptible any more?

Such globally huge number of adherents in the majority does not realize all danger of the addiction yet. There are in the Network unfair persons, communities capable not only to fool uneducated users, not only extorting any ways financial means, but also to involve in psychological dependence. Many spend all free time on social networks, even coming off for contacts in working hours, and some nearly give up for the sake of it the work, trying or to find alternative in the Internet, or to try to use it as a way for additional earnings, and then are fond so that they cannot find the place in real life any more.

Adults are often praised that their small children freely use the computer, and including the Internet, since games, viewings of animated cartoons, the informative websites. But that this hobby turns into independent neglected viewing of the subjects forbidden for their age, or hold back, or only guess, and often just do not know about it and then are surprised how their children sharply begin to change in character and behavior. However many thought out ways how to protect children from any unnecessary or even dangerous websites or programs, in practice it happens to make or it is very difficult, or it is even impossible.

Adults it is not much better. Using what they already adult are also able to afford anything, get into such jungle of which and is not able to get out any more. It turns out that most of users at least once set on a porn - the websites, and very most part does it constantly. But it is not harmless. In - the first, from - for such pseudo-availability sexual activity decreases, and interest in sexual life can even be gone in reality, up to approach of impotence and frigidity over time. In - the second, families can collapse. I do not speak already about inspirituality and immorality of society without “borders“. In - the third - the person gaining ability to get acquainted, find sexual partners on the Internet loses to a thicket in real life.

Society of individuals where everyone creates the world, being released from real. The family stops being that. Everyone watches only programs interesting to it or visits the same sites, communicates only with people interesting to him, forgetting that nearby relatives whom he can just lose if not to pay them due attention.

One become too self-confident, others, on the contrary, are lost in the virtual, being him absorbed or even if you want, “swallowed“.

But much the Internet, really, is simply necessary, especially for physically disabled people, those who needs someone`s help or really lonely. And still - one of ways of realization of talent, abilities. A fine opportunity to declare oneself without intermediaries. Ease and availability in obtaining any information, exchange of experience, acquisition of knowledge, independent training.

Generally, I even already also do not know that it is actually better - with it or without it. I got confused. Itself was fond outright. But I feel how the Internet tightens more and more, accustoms to itself, does dependent. Fingers are pressed continually habitual keys, forcing to forget where you are. And suddenly there will be a virus which at once will destroy all Network, and you cannot without it any more? What then to do how to restore the contacts found a time so hardly, or obtaining information, news, reading or writing articles what so quickly you get used to?

Well, found friends, acquaintances, even relatives, time communicated, two, and then - it is simple or there is nothing, or bothers. You communicate with those whom met in reality more earlier virtually, via Skype or social networks more often. On the one hand - it is healthy, but somewhere subconsciously you feel some danger. Perhaps I am mistaken, or perhaps and is not present.

But I see that my children considerably move away from me, it is more and more interesting to it to communicate with peers and to ask questions in searchers. Quickly, well and clear. You begin to feel the uselessness, not demand. It becomes more difficult to tear off children from the computer and for himself began to notice the same.

I - that will cope, hope, all - - the adult, I have numerous interests and occupations, besides, responsible work. It is necessary to hope that the Internet is capable to make our life more interesting, more informative, more various and is richer. Only it has to be moderately, and sense of proportion should be brought up both in itself, and in the children, differently to happen the disaster - full vacuum from - for a surplus of the same information, as a result of the law of energy conservation.

Or perhaps I am mistaken how you think?