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Way to Dream... What it?

Are very frequent when we share the dream with someone from the family or relatives, we hear in reply: “Remove pink glasses!“, “Do not fly in clouds, go down on the earth!“, “You will never reach it!“, “It beyond your powers!“ etc.

I at heart at us becomes sad, and energy vital disappears somewhere, and “hands fall“. We ask a question; “And why they do not believe in me?“, “Why I cannot reach what I want?“, “And than I am worse than those who already reached what wanted?“

the Answer is simple - the family already dreamed, and it, the Dream, and remained Unfulfilled Dream. The reasons can be different: something to undertake laziness, fears, a stop halfway, shortage of money and time etc. They believe the oskreena that having told you so, preserve you against pain and bitterness of disappointment.

Of course if to lie on a sofa, to watch TV and it is lazy to dream without taking any actions then it is not necessary to accuse destiny, God, the government, the family and even weather that from - for them your dream did not come true.

Present an arrow which flies in anywhere, or the ship which floats without navigation devices and the laid course. Presented? Then answer a question: “Where the arrow will arrive if there is no target?“ It is correct - anywhere. It will fly by some distance and will fall where - nibud. “Where the ship if to it the final destination is not set will come?“ Anywhere! He will swim, without a certain course until it is overtaken by a storm and it does not go to a bottom.

We very often dream, but we do not do dream by the purpose, and it is wrong.

I use a certain technique that my desire turned into the purpose and was executed:

A step 1 I Make the firm decision which cannot be changed halfway.

A step 2 It is very bright, in all details, with all trifles, feelings, sounds, smells I represent already granted desire, feeling at the same time inflow of pleasure and happiness and staying in this condition of 15 - 30 min. (If it is difficult to you to present, then it is possible to find the picture which corresponds to your desire and to hang up it in a visible place that it constantly was before your eyes.)

A step 3 I Decide on date of execution of desire. For example: my house will be built to 01. 01. 2012.

4 I Write down a step on paper in the present, accurately formulated offer. For example, “New 2012 I meet in a circle of the family to me people in new 2 - x the floor house built on the project of the German firm etc.“ the more details, the better.

A step 5 I Say a prayer aloud:

The heavenly Father, forgive all my sins, for the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ!

My God, give me strength to forgive any person who sinned against me.

I forgive them and I give in your sacred charge.

I believe that Jesus Christ the Son Bozhy, died for my sins, revived and acquitted me!

Enter my heart!

Be my Lord and Christ Redeemer of my life!

Make me such what You want to see me!

My God, give me the Spirit Svyaty to be valid not to sin, serve you and to lead sacred life!

I thank for that. that You heard and forgave me! Amen. If you trust

in the Universe, the Principal Reason etc., then address them.

A step 6 I Ask God (The Universe, the Principal reason) about the help, in implementation of the desirable. (The request has to go from heart, to be iskrenny and it is said aloud.)

A step 7 Within one day I register this dream (which is already turned into the purpose) 100 times, It is possible in the simplified option, but it is obligatory mentally representing it. For example, “I celebrate new 2012 in a circle of the family in new own 2 - x the floor house“.

A step 8 I Write the plan of achievement of the purpose, step by step. For example, to meet 2012 in the new house:

- I buy the land (the area, quantity of hundred parts, term etc.);

- I order the project (the architect, firm etc.) ;

- I establish terms (the beginning and the end);

- I pay the sum on the project etc. of

Even if you did not consider any trifles - it is not terrible, in process will correct.

A step 9 I Begin to take concrete steps: I am interested in the earth cost in which in that area I want to live, I consult at the architect, I look for firm for construction of the house etc. If there is not enough money, look for ways where they can be earned.

A step 10 I Make the list of all obstacles which prevent to reach dream (shortage of money, time etc.).

A step 11 I do not listen to all those who wish well to me. I listen to councils only those who already reached something and I know it.

A step 12 we Make 1 - 2 affirmation, on our desire and we read them every day, within 15 minutes. (I say a prayer with a request to God, about the help in implementation of dream.)

The conclusion If your desire is not granted, God (the Universe, the Principal Reason) means see something that can do much harm to you in this desire or it at this stage of your life not so is necessary to you, or you not really strongly “burn“ with it. Be not upset.

Any experience, positive it or negative - it is invaluable. Be not afraid of failures and mistakes. They temper us and we grow spiritually.

Use every chance which meets on your way to dream and knock at your door.