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Badr is scarlet - Dzhamali (Badr is scarlet - Mustansiri)

Egypt became Arab in the middle of the 7th century when it was won by the legendary Arab commander Amr Ibn is scarlet - the Expert who became his first Arab deputy and founded his new capital - city of Fustat (now it - Old Cairo). Within several centuries in Egypt there was almost nothing interesting: here small and not remarkable local dynasties &ndash governed; Ikhshidita, Idrisida, etc.

In the 10th century aggressive hordes of the nomads who came from far Maghrib - berbers interfere in a land of Nod of Egypt. They were brought into Egypt of Fatimida, by followers of Ismailism, one of currents in Shia Islam. Fatimida managed to subordinate for several centuries to themselves almost all North Africa, and also part of Syria and Arabian Peninsula. As the greatest merit of fatimidsky Caliphs before mankind, probably, it is possible to consider that they founded the new capital which became subsequently to one of the most amazing and most beautiful cities of the world &ndash on coast of Nile; Cairo. The city was called so in honor of a victory over enemies (on - Arab - it is scarlet - Kakhira, victorious ) .

In general, Egypt - country unique in many respects. Who, for example, only did not rule Egypt since the time of Pharaohs: both Persians, and Greeks, and Arabs... And once, already at the beginning of the 19th century, it was necessary to direct Egypt most... To Napoleon Bonaparte, future emperor of France. About it it is well known, but here about what know the very few, so it that at Fatimidakh within nearly hundred years very significant role in the history of the country was played by Armenians!

In the 11th century when Armenia underwent devastating invasion of Byzantium, and then Turkic peoples - seldzhuk, many thousands of Armenians, saving the lives, were forced to leave the native earth, having dissipated including over the countries of the Middle East. On a miscellaneous there was their destiny...

Today we do not know what Armenian name parents of the boy carrying subsequently the titles « named; leader of army patron of Muslim judges and defender devout . It became history of medieval Egypt under the name of Badr is scarlet - Dzhamali or Badr is scarlet - Mustansiri (in the first case of the surname he is obliged to the owner, in the second - to the Caliph who happened to serve him). In the early childhood it got to slavery. His owner was somebody Jahmal hell - Da`va Ibn Ammar who brought up Badra, educated it and further helped it with his pit. Thanks to the uncommon abilities Badr quickly moved ahead on service, became the deputy of Damascus twice, then governed Akka. Syria then was a part of the Fatimidsky caliphate in which in 70 - e years of the 11th century happened rough events: between various groups of army (and at Fatimidov natives of black Africa, Turkic peoples, berbers and even Slavs served) there was a bloody civil strife, different groups of military combated for influence and privileges. The Turkic peoples who won in this fight discharged the Caliph Mustansir (1036 - 1094) of the power and intended to turn into citizenship to the Baghdad Caliphs - Abbasidam. And then Mustansir asked for the help the deputy Akki, having appointed him the commander-in-chief over troops. Having arrived to Egypt by sea in 1073, Badr is scarlet - Dzhamali with the groups consisting of the Armenian soldiers, a prompt throw seized Cairo, having interrupted Turkic peoples and berbers there. Then it took storm Alexandria, having won a victory over groups of Blacks. After that its army moved to the Top Egypt where it was necessary to pacify the risen bedouins. Later insignificant time the country was pacified, the Caliph got up in the head of state again.

But since then the power of the Caliph became purely nominal - actually the country viewfinder (the first minister) &ndash operated; Armenian Badr is scarlet - Dzhamali. Also Mustansir had and Caliphs following him nothing, except a name as vazira seized affairs and sponsored them, and appropriated titles of governors, and treated them as governors - so the medieval Arab historian the expert - Suyuti wrote about these events.

At fatimidsky Caliphs for more than two centuries of board 65 vazir were replaced. Some of them fulfilled the duties year, others - several months, were also such who held a position... only one day. Badr is scarlet - Dzhamali remained vaziry during 21 year! Only his son Afdal who was vaziry 28 and a half years managed to surpass it in it.

These years Egypt became a shelter for many thousands of Armenians. Up to the middle of the 12th century the Armenian groups made the main striking power of fatimidsky army. And the most exclusive groups were best it is scarlet - Afdaliya and is scarlet - Dzhuyushiya consisting of Armenians. They were called so in honor of Afdal and Badra is scarlet - Dzhamali carrying the title Leader of troops (on - it is Arab - Amir is scarlet - dzhuyush). Found the shelter in Egypt also the Armenian church - since 1077 the Catholicos of all Armenians Grigory located here.

For the last hundred years of government Fatimidov seven times of viewfinders became Armenians. Six of them were Muslims, and one of them - Bakhram is scarlet - Armani (i.e. Bakhram - the Armenian) - managed to keep belief of the fathers. It was a sort from Tel - Bashir that in the north of Syria. Having arrived to Egypt in days of government of the Caliph of the Hafiz (1130 - 1149), it arrived on public service. According to the medieval Egyptian chronicler Ibn Muyassar, he possessed outstanding mind and remarkable abilities that allowed it to hold the top post in hierarchy of the state ranks. Bakhram very much patronized the tribespeople, and at him immigration of Armenians to Egypt considerably increased. But we will listen as Ibn Muyassar tells about it: And when Bakhram was confirmed to the post of a vazir, he asked for Hafiz that that allowed it to invite the brothers and their edinoplemennik. And that allowed it it, and Bakhram called them from Tel - Bashir and from Armenia so the number them in Egypt reached nearly 30 thousand people... Also were constructed during its church and monasteries, so hundred each leader built from his people to himself church, and residents of Egypt were afraid that they will force out Muslim belief .

When Fringes died, the Caliph was extremely grieved. He enjoined that as a sign of mourning for the vazir loved by it all sofas were closed three days.

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