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Legends and myths of modern Egypt. What most frequent delusions of tourists?

Egypt - one of the most well-loved by Russians of the directions of beach rest. Even during the revolutionary and postrevolutionary period when, according to the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russians could not take off to the Egyptian resorts from Moscow which are most advanced reserved rounds with a departure from Kiev or Kharkiv, or bought tickets for the flight Moscow - Luanda which provided refueling in the Egyptian Hurghada where tourists safely landed.

Availability of the Egyptian beaches to most of Russians led to the fact that tourists got used to come to this country as to themselves home, several times in a year that with comfort to get warm on the sun.

Having communicated to many tourists and workers of travel business in resorts in due time, I noticed that vacationers have a number of stereotypes and delusions relatively both the country and its inhabitants, and safety of rest in resorts of the Red Sea.

These delusions can lead as to ridiculous and ridiculous situations, are well really dangerous.

1. I have a health insurance therefore any medical care to me is obliged to provide free of charge.

Probably, it is one of the most dangerous delusions. The standard health insurance is included surely into each tourist`s package, but, unfortunately, not all tourists allow themselves work to read that is written in the insurance policy by small letters.

The first moment - the word “franchise“. It means that if the tourist asks for medical care, then he has to pay the franchize - the first payment at a rate of $30. If expenses on its treatment are more than this sum, then the tourist pays only $30, the rest is paid at the expense of insurance company. If expenses are less than $30, then this money to the tourist does not come back. At the same time the franchize is paid for each new disease, that is if today the head, tomorrow ears, and the day after tomorrow a stomach ached, then it is necessary to pay three times for $30.

From this it is necessary to draw a conclusion that the tourist should take with himself cash that was what to pay for the franchize.

The second moment - “not insured event“. Nestrakhova the case means that certain diseases, or injuries got because of the tourist cannot be paid at the expense of insurance company. There is a lot of Not insured events, but I will list the most widespread: chronic, gynecologic, stomatologic diseases. The insurance company does not pay service in treatment of these diseases. Solar burns and solar allergy are also carried to not insured events, as well as by alcoholic and narcotic poisonings.

The most interesting point - “a case of deliberate risk“ , that is any situations hazardous to health which arose because of the tourist and caused injuries are not insured event. Any injuries got the being able alcoholic or drug intoxication concern to them. Therefore at injuries first of all of tourists check for availability of alcohol in blood. Beer was drunk before on ATVs to drive? Forget about an insurance, you do not have it any more.

It is desirable for the tourists having any chronic diseases to pay before a trip in any insurance company the additional health insurance to have an opportunity to count on the free help. The rest can advise to take care also relatives especially as even in the presence of an insurance, the level of medical care in Egypt, we will softly tell …

2. Hurrah, sun! Run to sunbathe!

As we already know

from the previous point, solar burns and solar allergies tourists should treat at own expense. About equipment of safe suntan the set of simple and very effective recommendations is written, you should not forget about them that for the second day of holiday not to turn into “barbecue“.

3. At me all inclusive why to me to take with itself money.

this Phrase I heard

from respectable age of the tourist who is going to have a rest in Egypt the fifth time “both all and all in Egypt already knowing“. As then it turned out that she knows “all“ bartenders in hotel beyond which gate it during holiday did not go.

Of course, “perhaps“ - the magic word, but money with itself it is desirable to have on payment of the franchize on an insurance, on payment of some contingencies and it is necessary to take small change for tip.

4. Tip? No, we are not such.

On Russian resorts service level is so not expressed to

that to give tip there is nothing. And there is no culture both in services industry, and in the sphere of remuneration for service. Getting to the international resort, the Russian tourist continues to think that tip - something an arithmetic average between a bribe and a tip. The inability to correctly give tip at once gives away “russo the tourist“ as pathetic “scoop“ even if he has a rest in expensive hotel. Giving tip, the tourist or behaves as the violator of traffic regulations bribing the GAI officer: “Choke, the blood-sucker!“, or as the person giving on a church porch to the poor bum: “All the same you will spend on drink, a bedolazhka“.

Tip is just a payment for high-quality and timely service, for good service. More than anything. Paying any service, for example, for cellular communication or percent for the credit, will come to nobody to mind to give to this procedure any emotional coloring. In the same way it is necessary to treat giving “on tea“. Naturally, it makes sense to give tip only in the presence of really good level of service.

Refusal to give tip during the good work of personnel will lead to the fact that the personnel will or ignore the tourist, or to soil small. The question price - at most 20 dollars for all holiday (600 rubles). Agree - not a big payment for convenience.

5. And give you with me you will drink!

Having been sure that tip is the evil and debauchery, some tourists begin to look for other ways to thank personnel. The most inappropriate of them - the invitation to drink or try the real fat and sausage.

If to remember what is more than 80% of Egyptians - Muslims, then the personnel will apprehend these manifestations of “good feelings“ as an insult, especially if the offer to drink and devour svininka was made in the presence of other Egyptians.

You should not put yourself and others in an awkward situation. You want to thank the person for good work - just give him couple of dollars.

Foreign travel do not do without purchase of souvenirs. About what souvenirs it is undesirable to bring from Egypt - we will talk separately.