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Not God`s penalty, and iyersiniya pestis. What operates us?

In one Moscow hospital which is called informally “an alcoholic trauma“ are the office filled with old women of different degree of negligence.

Often (in the former Soviet Union) old women leave to doctors inheritance. And then old women die in chocolate.

But if they have nothing to leave to the doctor, then, judging by the hospital mentioned by me, the last days old women can quite act in horror films without make-up artists and costumiers. Ulcers, decubituses, long spiral nails, ugly face, rags...

For that time which I practiced in gerontology especially I did not make many feats - to help all blind people, deafs dying, undereating (there is nobody and there is nothing to feed) I, generally, could not. But here what case I remembered.

One elderly temperaturyashchy woman convincingly told that she is professor of the Moscow university that it has hallucinations that she forgot a way home. Round attentively listened to the patient and on discussion made the decision that the old woman in marasmus. And slightly scolded students for nonsense - a pier, do not see such obvious things: dementny beggar. In the evening the old woman died.

The doctor, if at him the patient dies, has to be present at opening. In punishment for decrease in reputation of clinic I do not see any practical sense. Diagnostics does not improve. There are ordinary hospitals where morning five-minute declare tens of corpses. And after opening run to rewrite clinical records anew.

Ya went too for opening as the chamber of the old woman was assigned to me (it is fixed for the best studying of “work“ of clinic). On opening it became clear that the woman died of erysipelatous intoxication (streptococcus). The doctor did not examine a leg and did not appoint medicine. And relatives of the old woman who got lost on the street appeared - the biography was truthful.

Amazingly how sometimes the fact that the person thinks feels and speaks, depends on intoxication. Depressiveness and an azhitirovannost - in particular. Whether the brain the infectious agent is surprised or suffers from infectious intoxication - in public it is not written. And when will find causative agents of diseases of “an unknown etiology“ with bright signs of infectivity - including febrilny schizophrenia...

What distinguishes the Doctor from ignorant?

The patient comes to reception and speaks:

- the Doctor, hurts me a stomach.

- Gastritis! - important the doctor answers.

What actually mean diagnoses? They designate where process is localized. But Latin word. That the patient kept at a distance at once. I am a magician and the magician. I utter: “Gastritis“. And you sit, worry. Pancreatitis! Hepatitis! Otitis! Ear inflammation! Fish soup! But the patient leaves and speaks: “Oh, the doctor told that I have an otitis! Now I am officially sick!“

it is possible to object To it that is any types of gastritises much, and the doctor just does not torment the person with various details, and just appoints treatment and cures. But here does not cure.

Presently the diagnosis without results of the analysis does not happen. In essence, the doctor carries out a certain function of the laboratory sorter - you hand over that, you it. Qualification of the doctor - in the choice of analyses. And in writing on a piece of paper of the scheme of Ministry of Health of treatment.

In those days when laboratories of diagnostics were not, work of the doctor was very close to work of the actor - the tragedian.

So, the Italian verses of Petrarch - only certificates of the maniacal patient on symptoms?

What Byron was ill? He really suffered? Why Matisse with shouts of horror woke up at night? These are lyambliya produced for them “toxin of melancholy and grief“?

Firefight which is heard in poetic apartments? It what, microbes play pranks?

Art schools - a tribute to endemichesky parazitoza?

What actually hurt Pontius Pilate? What precepts are created thanks to the becoming more active Jesus`s microflora?

Whether has scientific justification broad practice of diseases “noninfectious symptomatic“ and giving in to dietary correction (you eat what is not loved by your microflora) - “allergic“. Psoriasis (I believe in BS - colonies), joint pains, atopic dermatitis, the small tortoiseshell, the tremendous diagnosis - a syndrome of chronic fatigue... Perhaps, is the cause for many diagnoses... laboratory limitation.

Consequences of mental epidemics owing to intoxication (Claviceps fungus poisons) and their influence on world history are well studied by Absentis. Substances - even not narcotic - changing self-perception and behavior - a huge number. Meat testosterone - food and its coherence with understanding of a gender at the eater. Prozac in tap water.

Any intoxication changes health and, as a result, behavior. Here for example, symptoms of chronic poisoning with mercury: increased fatigue, drowsiness, the general weakness, headaches, dizzinesses, apathy, and also emotional instability - uncertainty in, shyness, the general depression, irritability and so on.

Depressions - a nonspecific sign which develops also at deficiency of vitamins and nutrients. A big question - that the reason of these deficiencies. It is quite probable that Dostoyevsky would write much more interestingly, be at him the good doctor.

At least one our feeling (at least... the love) - is not a consequence of activity of beings for whom we only a nutrient medium, set of cages?

At least one act of the person defines from? Who thinks - we or kilograms of our microflora?

Though some neurotic symptoms are caused situationally? Perhaps, the “healthy“ person in the future will indifferently perceive all strokes of bad luck?

Whether the thought that any criminal himself the victim also needs the help is so mad?

Whom, Than we are poisoned today?