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“Return of living dead persons“: to whom it is not slept at dead of night?

I have warm feelings For Dan O`Bennon`s picture not only because it is the first horror film seen by me. First of all, “Return of living dead persons“ (The Return of the Living Dead) is classics of a genre though that rainy autumn day when we with the father absolutely incidentally came into the nearest video salon, I also did not know who such zombies and why the hell they come back. The movie made indelible impression on me. Subsequently I reconsidered it more than once and still I consider him as one of the most successful zombyatnik who ever left from - under a feather of the Hollywood film figures.

… Quiet town Luivill, State of Kentucky. Got dark. In a warehouse of the company trading in medical preparations, the new worker Freddie receives TsU from the skilled commodity researcher Frank liking not only to show the awareness, but also to joke of the greenhorn. Hokhma for the sake of, Frank devotes him in mysterious history of the certain freight which is mistakenly delivered to a warehouse by military. In densely sealed containers there are “zombie“, once recovered dead persons who then were preserved and had to destroy. If not habitual disorder of fighters.

Curiosity ruined not only a cat. Having incidentally uncorked the container, our heroes became the first link in a chain of the tragic events which shook Luivill up to the sewerage depth. The released from prison, poisonous gas made the life miserable not only to the unlucky warehouse employee, but also the company of the freezed teenagers who decided to light on full on the cemetery adjoining to a warehouse. By means of the boss who is urgently called for backup and the local attendant of a crematorium Ernie, Frank and Freddie destroyed the only proof of the sloppiness - suddenly recovered zhmurik from a warehouse morgue.

Having mixed up with plentiful heavy rain, chemicals in the form of a smoke from a pipe of a crematorium were tastefully absorbed in a fertile soil of a cemetery, having brought to life hundreds deceased, extremely eager for human brains. While Frank and Freddie who swallowed a poison slowly turn into the zombie, their living workmates are forced to constrain an impact of the behaving violently dead persons. The problem is that the number of monsters every hour grows. And forces and resources of a handful of the fallen into a trap people inevitably run low …

It is no secret that “Return of living dead persons“ - a peculiar tribute and the film answer to cult classics of George A. Romero “Night of living dead persons“. By itself, creators of a tape introduced a set of innovations in classical history, including tried to explain the reason of the phenomenon of “revolt from the dead“, having made responsible for this unreasoned step of military scientists. Romero was on this subject passed only casually, having left an essence of the phenomenon off-screen. As they say, gave food to imagination.

The debut project of the famous screenwriter Dan O`Bennon was successful wonderfully well. In many respects thanks to the talent of the story-teller, O`Bennon very accurately built the subject line, without allowing the viewer to relax for a minute. Romerovsky “Night“ bribed the atmosphere of oppressive horror and fear, it depends “Return“ is filled with action, panic and hysterical shouts as from live, and the dead.

There is an opinion that an inventor of “fast zombies“ is British Danny Boyle who for the first time showed it in the post-apocalyptic tape “28 days later“. And so, friends, the recovered O`Bennon`s mertvyak too not a bast boards also run not less smartly, without leaving any chances to those who did not hide. Their speed is quite comparable to their bloodthirstiness.

In a picture there is no person familiar to the ordinary viewer, though James Karen (Frank), both Klugh Gulager (boss), and Don Kelfa (Ernie) - the veterans of Hollywood who were often flashing on supporting roles including in such known tapes as “Malkholland Drive“, “In a pursuit of happiness“, “Nixon“, “Doctor Dulittl“, “Bagsi“, series “Px Twin“. O`Bennon, despite the obvious cinema progress with “Foreign“ Ridley Scott`s scenarios and “A blue thunder“, was not able to afford celebrities owing to scarcity of the budget. Especially as the last was spent not for venerable performers to a large extent, and for a make-up and a make-up of main “stars“ of the movie - the zombie.

On the other hand, horror films long time were considered as the low genre which was not promising neither big profits, nor the large fees. O`Bennon perfectly understood it therefore he gathered in actor`s team of strong professionals and inexperienced youth, having focused on a reconstruction of spectacular aspect of the creation. By itself that to today`s viewer who is fairly frightened of “Saylent Hillom“ and other computer horror films, walking dead persons from “Return“ can seem a past remnant, but, believe, then, in the mid-eighties, they looked very decently.

Certainly, “Return“ is not a full-fledged zombyatnik, and it is rather, the graceful parody to those to what thin, ironic supply of material testifies. Unlike the romerovsky pictures suffering from excessive gravity of a statement, O`Bennon presses not on audience mentality more, and squeezes out a staginess maximum of the declared subject. Creators of the sequel of 1988 went in the matter further away, having turned “Return of living dead persons 2“ into the concrete parody. And here famous Brian Yuzna, the author of “Reanimator“ and “From the outside“, on the contrary, turned the third part of the movie into the most present gloomy thriller with garden elements - mazo (its company counter).

Verdict: one of the most successful zombies in respect of staginess - movies of the eightieth. In spite of the fact that the director and the coauthor of the scenario O`Bennon took a step from the canons of a genre set by the Italian classics (Fulci, Bava) and the American colleagues (Romero, Savini) aside it turned out at it fine and fervently. The picture on one breath looks, at the same time very gloomy and naturalistic scenes with eating of brains are shot for a moment that it is not strong to shock the viewer, and fairly diluted with black humour.

Of course, this tape falls short of a late British masterpiece of “The zombie by the name of Sean“, but also the baggage then was simpler, and requirements not so serious. The most important - in a tape is absolutely absent pathos and the annoying moralising inherent in many today`s attempts to create something significant in this direction.