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What does the cinema “Club of suicides“ differ from literary in?

Once upon a time there was Robert Lewis Stephenson. Wrote articles and stories, read classics and contemporaries, dreamed to write the novel. Big. Thick. Historical. There now in accuracy as Walter Scott. And suddenly in one day instead of the thick historical novel wrote the easy and not so historical story. “Treasure island“. With adventurous - a detective plot. Also it became well-known.

Then wrote solid historical novels, without noticing itself what imitates Scott at whom laughed (Stephenson the negligent address of the famous and successful writer with a calendar and hours therefore Scott`s heroes moved almost instantly entertained, crept with a speed of snails). And suddenly he was visited again by an adventurous muse, and in 1878 two stories were born: “Club of suicides“ and “Diamond of the rajah“.

The narration about the missing aristocrat which all the time looks for adventures on the coxofemoral joints about marvelous and unique prince Florizel and his faithful stallmaster colonel Dzheraldin became known practically as well as the story of pirates and treasure-hunters. Not surprisingly - in these stories there was no heavy pseudo-historicity, moralising etc. Light, entertaining reading. And it is quite natural that such literary work eventually drew attention of the film director. In 1979 the director Evgeny Tatarsky shot the movie “Prince Florizel`s Adventures“ (in 90 - x years “appropriated“ to the movie the stivensonovsky name - “Club of suicides“).

And here before us two “Club of suicides“: literary and cinema. Comparing them, you see - it is two different clubs, two different princes, two different Chairmen and so on.

Prince Florizel of Stivensona is the solid person of middle age inclined to completeness. In the movie the role of the prince is played by inimitable Oleg Dahl. It is impossible to call its constitution solid in any way, and it looks much younger, than it would be necessary according to the literary original. And here the colonel Jeraldine - exactly the opposite. If Stephenson has him is a young man, then on the screen of the stallmaster of the prince Igor Dmitriyev, with a martial bearing and a noble gray hair represents.

The beginning of an intrigue differs. In the story the prince and the colonel meet very original young man treating everyone with free cakes. The desire of suicide appeared at it exclusively for the reason that it spent all inheritance for simple whims and, having met the girl whom would like to marry, found out that its financial affairs are wretched. In the movie the prince and the colonel meet the artist trying to be drowned - do not understand it, do not appreciate his creativity so here it is even possible to call thirst for a suicide natural.

By the way, Stephenson has no artists, especially such as Mr. Perkins (Askhab Abakarov). The portrait of the Chairman which is written by Mr. Perkins is the parody to “Ambroise Volar`s Portrait“ of Picasso who was written in 1910, in 32 years after writing of “Club of suicides“. Mr. Perkins is very successful character supplementing Stephenson. It is much more actual and where as it is more clear for the modern viewer, than some young man who does not have desire independently to earn.

In the movie the considerable piece of the narration - “The story about the English doctor and a road chest“ where, by the way, the only American in literary “Club of suicides“ - Silas K. appears is not used. Skeddemor having a rest in Paris. This American has no relation to the Chairman. In the movie there is also very charming American - Frank Skrimdzher (Valery Matveev), by the way, where as more charming, than a literary prototype. But according to a “cine“ plot he is a son of the Chairman and participates in the second part where it is told about adventures of diamond of the rajah, the Eye Sveta.

And here in the book the Chairman has no relation to diamond of the rajah, he is killed on duel at the end of the first part. Instead of the Chairman Stephenson has other negative character - John Vendeler (in the movie is absent), the brother of sir Thomas Vendeler, the general and the owner of magnificent diamond (Boris Novikov). John Vendeler pours poison to the pastor Simon Rollz (Evgeny Kindinov), and it has a daughter to whom plan to marry Francis Skrimdzher. Only not the cowboy, but the modest clerk of the Scottish bank in Edinburgh. And the real father of Mr. Skrimdzher - sir Thomas Vendeler (as John Vendeler speaks: “You … illegal son of my brother and fish dealer“).

Such differences the set is gathered. There are no characters in the book, but they are present at the screen, some, on the contrary - are available only in literary option. But the similarity which is present at both options of “Prince Florizel`s adventures“ is much more important than all differences. And it is not characters, and spirit of adventurous adventures, knightly honor, aristocratism and a subtle humour which is inherent in Stephenson`s stories at all and it is carefully kept by creators of the film version.

If you did not read the book yet or did not watch the movie - hurry up to meet a lack. You derive a true pleasure.